Envato is killing all Teams and Partnerships

Today we woke up with some terrible news, Envato will implement new changes to how we receive earnings, allowing to withdraw them to ONLY ONE account, Changes To How Authors Receive Earnings Payouts From Envato basically killing or stealing money (because of new fees that authors will have to incur) from teams/partnerships. When they previously announced this, the backlash was huge and they promised to find a solution for partnerships earnings splitting, but there’s not a single mention about this in the announcement. Envato’s “You Do Creative, We’ll Do the Rest” slogan is a really fat lie, with all the tax changes, the refund management, the absurdly long review times, the elements cannibalizing and now this. All this changes give authors only headaches and new problems, not solutions.

We created this topic for authors that are part of teams and partnerships to be heard and to say how this new changes affect you. We’d love to hear from top authors, like @ThemeFusion or @tommusrhodus and make a big splash to make Envato realize that this is a huge mistake or that at least the introduce some new tools for partnerships/teams to work (given that they are a really big part of the community) and not give more trouble for already struggling authors.


Every announcement ENVATO last few years - is a pain for authors.

  • Create a legal structure that works for collecting the withdrawal then paying your team members.
  • Sell elsewhere.

We already have a legal structure, but even with that, the new changes will make us and other authors incur in new transaction fees.
Regarding the sell elsewhere point, this would be like if you don’t like some law or decree that your government passes and someone said to you, don’t complain, just leave the country…
The point here is not, “if you don’t like it, you can go” it’s to make things change so Envato makes authors life easier, not more difficult. You can read the backlash that this announcement is having in the main topic we liked in the first post, it’s not just us.



Actually, it is bu*****t from Envato for Author like us. We are not getting enough sales. Normally, Every author’s sales decrease compared to before sales. Envato should help us increase our sales by doing some marketing. But, nothing at all. And, now this nonsense step from Envato.

We (RactStudio) have one question for Envato Team.

First of all, We don’t want to use Swift withdrawal for any kind of amount. PayPal is not supported by our country (Bangladesh). We use Payoneer as our withdrawal account.

Now, If We have $150 or $700. Then, how will Envato guys pay us and where our money will go. We have already attached our tax details (Tin) to the account.



Missed those days Envato was not infected by USA!


If you only want to use Payoneer, and you’ve set Payoneer as your default withdrawal method… then you’ll only get withdrawals via Payoneer. So if you have less than a $20 balance, you won’t be sent anything that month. If you have $20 or more (whether that be $200 or $2000) you’ll be sent your money via Payoneer.

If you have any other questions, you’d be better posting them in the original announcement thread, as that;s the one that is being actively monitored so that questions can be answered.

Good afternoon everybody, If I choose Paypal for my payouts after 28 Feb, then after this is it possible to change my payouts to Payoneer ?