No partnerships on Envato Marketplaces anymore.


Hey guys,
I’m talking about these new rules by Envato:

As of January 1st 2016 we are streamlining our withdrawal system. Withdrawals will only be processed to the nominated account holder payment details and the country must match the one on the completed W-8 or W-9 form.

I wonder how many authors will be affected by this? If you’re one of them, please leave a comment down below. We’re in the same boat. If there will be quite a few of us, maybe we can negotiate with Envato.


Almost half of Wordpress and PSD authors work as partners. I still can’t believe they are blocking partnership since it affects the quality of products. Paypal, Skrill or Swift are not good options to transfer money between individuals because of the fees. Envato needs to take care of this situation to keep up the good work between designers and developers.


In my opinion, it’s not what it is about. The partnership is still possible, however, the withdrawal will be just on one account.
As a result, partners will have to create a company together or one would employ another one. Like in the real world :slight_smile:


You’re wrong, unfortunately :frowning: Things are not that simple, mate.


what I missed then?


paypal or any other payment party charge when you send money but currently if you pay to partner directly from your envato account than you are not charged but as per 1st January you will be able to withdraw amount to one account so you have to pay partners separately from your payment account which will cots you more $ :pensive:


I think @Alexlasek has a point, authors can still partner but will have to pay each other directly (using PayPal or a similar service) and will likely need to form a legally binding partnership for tax reasons.

People should still be free to distribute their income as they wish, they just won’t be able to use Envato’s platform to do so.


Sure, partnering will be still an option. The only thing is, another 10% of the money earned will be lost in the process. On top of what this new mess will bring for non US authors.


I am personally running a few partnerships on ThemeForest. Some items are on my account, some are on the partner’s account.

Up to now, it was easy enough to organise a withdrawal to the partner’s paypal e-mail address on the last day of the month (or any agreed time, really).

The new system with only one person able to withdraw will makes things much more complicated, and mean that authors, once again, lose a part of their earnings in transfer fees.

Envato - are you aware that most your items come from partnerships - starting with your most popular theme Avada?

For small authors with multiple partnerships, the situation becomes really, really stinky. Less earnings, more manual procedures and more complications regarding taxes…

We need to bump this thread up and get a lot more authors pitch in - because there are a lot of us really not looking forward to this change.

Also, search on these forums sucks. I searched a couple of times to see if a thread like this was created before creating a new one - and I only found out about it today.

Thanks @Dream_Theme for starting the thread - very surprised it only has 9 posts at this point…


The existing method for partnership was not easy. The only option available was to withdraw earnings to different accounts. Envato did not do anything in favor of Partnerships.

My opinion is to keep one withdrawal for one account, to comply with the legal terms. But before that, all partners should receive their share in their account.

So, When A & B started a partnership for a specific item, They should mention it when uploading, then there should be an option for the share ratio. eg: 40% or 50%, Then when each sale happen, the share should transfer to each of their account. So no problem.

The Item should be visible in both partner’s portfolio.

I know, this is bit difficult to implement in to the current system. But this is doable, as other marketplaces do have this option called “Joint Forces”. On the sidebar of each item, both authors name should be visible.

@collis asked some time in the other thread. So, if they are planning to develop this, that would be great. or else give back the option for multiple withdrawals.



I think this is good.

It will stop people doing dodgy stuff, like withdrawing $1000 directly to a travel agent to pay for a holiday, and then never reporting those earnings.


Besides the fact that what you’re describing can be perfectly legal, depending on the circumstances, let’s assume that it isn’t… Would it justify closing the door on a feature used by thousands of authors to make their lives easier, just because said feature could, possibly, be used for something “dodgy”?


There can still be a “partnership”, the funds just have to be split outside Envato.

For example I pay one of my partners directly from PayPal once the money lands in my account. It’s much easier to do it this way because final sale numbers can be calculated at the end of the month and the exact profit split can be worked out each time.


we , authors should create a syndicate in my view, just to have our voice heard a bit …


the problem is that setting a company is far form being free everywhere and in addition , in some countries, if u ever have a company people are being asked to pay taxes, without they even starting making money come in, so in other words , that may to enable some people who would like to do to do so …


In India, You can not transfer to local or outsiders using your paypal funds and you will have to use your credit card to send money. That means you are going to pay additional fees and taxes.

Surely there is no problem as such in handling the partnership now as well but the problem is additional FEES and TAXES which now will be applicable on transactions. PAYPAL CHARGES some fee so this is cut (one) and additionally you are now going to pay your local taxes as all the money is now downloaded to your local country first before sending it to anyone (two).

So all in all partners are now with US tax was already going to get less (15% RWHT in INDIA) and with that local taxes applied due to single withdrawl in a month now more lesser.

Is it why people are working on marketplaces and selling their items?

If you are earning good and you are not effected or things are find at your end even after these changes, it doesn’t mean you will start not thinking about anyone else. My situation is still not worst there are many countries with NO TREATY with USA think of them and there are thousands of NON EXCLUSIVE authors. If we have platform which is actually made by everyone of us not only the founders of ENVATO. don’t we should all combine a voice for the betterment of future of envato? I think I have some rights being a SO CALLED DIRECT SELLER and being an exclusive authors at envato for the sake of everyone who is working here.