What I can do if ex partner don't pay for work?

Hey guys,
Today is not a good day,
Our partner blocked all our contacts and don’t transfer money for the sellings from themes that I made?

We don’t have any contract with him, because my friend give me advice to work with this “good” man.
Our partnership was his psd design and my coding for a WordPress.

Maybe someone before had the same situation? What can I do? Or there is no chance?

Thanks in advance!

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If you followed the Envato guidelines regarding collaboration, there should be a ticket you both sent to Envato. Contact the Envato support and tell them to cancel that ticket and disable the item. However it will also mean this item will stop generating sales. If you code an item, make sure it is uploaded on your own account to avoid this in the future.


The problem that we didn’t make any tickets in envato. I trusted this person, thought that he is honest author, he has more than +750 000 sales and etc.
The items are uploaded on his account, that’s the problem. I will try to write to envato, maybe they can help me. I just want to disable these items and that’s it.

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Really sad to hear. I really hate WordPress but you can look at my portfolio if you think you can make WordPress out of my HTML material. If you think you can, I’d be glad to offer collaboration with items being uploaded on YOUR ACCOUNT.


Thanks for your offer! We really appreciate it, but right now we hired a great designer and we prepare new item.

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When entering a collaboration please keep in mind that we at Envato cannot assist if a dispute arises as a result of collaboration.

Thanks for this information!