Procedure of selling full rights or making a partnership!!

I’m new in themeforest and going to work with my partner. He has approved PSD and willing to sell it’s full copyrights to me so that i can develop and submit HTML template & WP theme of that work from my account.

Now my question is what are those things i should be careful about!! What are the important things i should ask for from him? and what steps (license related) we should follow before submitting!

We’re quite loyal to each other and pretty new here, we just don’t want to mess with the themeforest licensing issue during review process or later on.

Hoping for any useful reply! Thanks in advance!

Warm regards :slight_smile:

Your partner needs to submit your partnership agreement to envato - they will collaborate your accounts.
Envato will give you a unique id of your partnership agreement that you need to use while you are submitting html/wp versions to themeforest.

Better to make another partnership agreement locally (backup).

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Okay, thank you!
In case if anything goes wrong, can the PSD’s author take down other HTML/ WP items?

Yes If you are making partnership (sharing earnings)

dont know about if you purchase the full rights.

You can Contact Envato Support for more info :

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If you are buying the rights then definitely you will want to get it in writing from the author that they have given you permission to convert it both for the benefit of envato’s reviewers and if something goes wrong.

That all said if the agreement is made outside of envato between you and the author then of something goes wrong envato will not get involved in resolving it.


Usually psd author has to create a support ticket mentioning he is giving all rights to you (author name)

And when you submit html/wp version, you need to mention that ticket is in comments

How to open a support ticket to verify the partnership. Can you provide any link?