about giving psd rights to my partner to make it html version

I have an account on themeforest and I have one PSD item
in my portfolio what is the right steps to give rights to my partner to make it html version and he will upload it to his themeforest account

First congrats for your item.

Now, if you want to give right to your friend to build html version you need to contact Envato and to tell them that you, give rights for user x and he will upload on his profile to make html

Then send id of ticket to your friend to write when will upload html.

Use your profile and friend s profile name when tell Envato about.

Good luck

I know that but i tried before to tell Envato team but did not success , please tell me the right steps to do that give me a link to do the right steps .
Thanks again


You (owner of approved PSD) needs to open a Help Ticket and follow their instructions. When Support team will approve then your partner have to submit Item (HTML version) with mentioning the ticket ID in comments. So that Item Reviewer can know about Author Collaboration (between you and your partner).

Check this Author Collaboration article:



Please Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to assist you.