How to partner between designer(have PSD template) and coder(convert to WP, HTML...).

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I have some PSD template and I don’t know how to cooperate(% or fix price) with the coder.
How to coder transfer money to me to the agreement when the wordpress theme is complete and available for sale?
Are there any agreements signed?

thanks and sorry for my English!

This is example one of my items:


This article about author Collaboration details

You can make contract outside of the market also as you want.


Thank you so much.

So there are many risks,
if the partner does not share the revenue, can i submit a copyright takedown for their item?

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But you have to proved that you are right.
The Original author have rights for DMCA but remember make a good contract for your partnership.
That can safe you and your item or your rights.

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Thank you so much! I’m Clear.

hello do you want to convert psd to HTML you can knock me.