Buying PSD rights.

Hi there I’m not sure what the rules are surrounding buying the full rights to ThemeForest PSD’s to then develop into WordPress themes.

I can see that there an option to buy the extended version of a PSD theme would this be enough?

If not how do you go about setting up this agreement?

Sorry if this might seem a basic question, I’m just in the dark on this one and not fully sure.

To develop any file from here in to a different format and sell it again in these marketplaces requires the original author’s permission.

That’s the top priority - they may then want an agreement e.g. profit sharing, extended license, one off fees etc.

Ok let’s say hypothetically that I can get bob the designer to let me buy the right to his PSD template and then convert it in a WordPress theme. Bob signs an agreement to give me fully ownership, what’s stopping him from reselling the PSD onto someone else? They don’t know about our agreement.

That would be a matter of trust. If you have them put the agreement in writing/email then in the vast majority of cases you will be safe. Plus once you have developed a version for sale then it’s going to be near on impossible for anyone else to submit it here or anywhere else.

Envato will never get involved in agreements like this as it would be between the original author and yourself and not something which they would be able to protect

Ok thanks for clearing that up for me. The last question, are there any issues then if your selling the WordPress version on your TF account and then on the designers, TF account is the PSD version?

Will Envato reach out to the designer when I try to submit my WordPress theme to TF even with the signed agreement?

There’s rarely any issues. The author may ask that the file is sold on their profile (but that’s not that common).

Once you have an agreement then the original author can/should email support and let them know that you have permission and you can reference that ticket ID in your submission message to reviewers