How can I sell my PSD license in ThemeForest to other Author?



I have decided to want to sell one of my PSD template to other Author. Can anyone please tell me How can I do that? What is the process? Please reply. Thanks.



There’s no formal process for such things, and you’re not allowed to sell ownership of your items in the forums. If you’re looking for a partnership, where somebody else converts your PSD to a Wordpress theme, for example… then that’s ok.



Thanks for the quick reply. I am not selling item in forum. I am just asking to know the right way as some authors want to buy my design for HTML & WordPress Conversion. Can they do that if the PSD stays is in my account? Or do I need to inform the ThemeForest support? Waiting for your kind reply. Thanks.



Give them written permission and they can send that with their submission to reviewers


Thanks you! May I know how to write that written permission? I mean, what will be the content? I have no idea about this. Please let me know. Thanks a lot again.



There is no template just write like a couple of sentences that states your name and email, the original PSD file name/link and says you have given permission for the other author (include their name) to develop it into another platform


Ok. Thank you so much for the help :slightly_smiling:


Make sure you check this as well…


Thank you :slightly_smiling: