Seems now Envato Staff is better than Envato Author :) News : Envato sharing its profits with staff.

Envato has too much cash, so its staff will share its riches

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“While authors earn less and less, Envato earns more and more”…
Looks better.

Media, and their shiny headlines.
Always funny.


Yes, that’s why need to apply as Envato Staff :sunglasses:

Makes sense. If they give $1.2m to the authors, we get less than $3 a month extra. Not exactly inspiring. If you give 1.2m to staff then that could make a bit of a difference to them. A $4K bonus might mean a car, deposit on a new place, the materials to build a rudimentary submarine, tuition costs, a dream trip… a $40 bonus for authors might mean a box of wine, pack of snouts and a deep fried pizza.

So $40 a year is unlikely to inspire anyone to sign up to Envato as an author, and it’s unlikely to stop anyone from leaving if they wanted to. But such a bonus for staff could help attract and retain the right talent, lower attrition, reduce associated costs etc etc. They’re not daft.

Better staff, lower costs, increased efficiency, better company and a crew of high-calibre, talented individuals; all working towards the same goal… to make Bedros more money. It’s what everyone wants.


Again space you are twisting the whole meaning. It’s an awesome move to share the profits. I always wondered how do opinions of employees turn when companies incomes fall and profits plummet to loss. How many of those employees that reaped the profits, weather the storm with lower salaries and how many sales away as soon things go bad. But that’s a different story altogether.

In the end, staff will be working towards leadership directions so it doesn’t matter how much you reward them, it will just maximize efficiency int he frames leaders set.

What can be read from Bedros comment is that moves that have been and are being made, drew quite a few authors to the edge or tipped them over.

And all marketing effort we are making is also being funneled in competition marketplaces and products that Envato is in right now.

On the one side, Envato market is acting as it owns all the products on it, on the other side, it is washing their hands of any dealings with those same products.

For example, Envato is constantly bombarding ThemeForest with elements adds, Envato hosted is here with demos being presented as themes, on the other side we are prevented from advertising any our own product from OUR items pages.

In few last interactions I had with some authors and WordPress enthusiasts, they are all saying ThemeForest may I say WordPress is in decline. that similar projects like Wix, Divi and so on are gaining momentum, well did you see their marketing campaigns? Their advertising, literary everywhere, nonorganic traffic is being utilized to the max.

And Envato is gathering organic traffic in most cases. And most authors are discussing how to market their items. Well, more you market your items more can go to a site which has the right to tunnel it anywhere they want!

To sum it up it is somehow the same way as a big grocery store bragging how they made huge profits and the cashier on minimum wage is watching it, which is being told well you have to work on your self-improvement, be better or if you do not like it leave.

In my opinion, this is not the time to PR such news.



Given what is actually happening on an author level here on TF, I find the whole article a little hard to swallow

I kind of see you what you’re saying, but it’s not like the staff are on minimum wage… they get a decent wage, profit share, time off, work from home etc.

If you’re on about authors, or the suppliers to the store to use your analogy, then they do have to work on their self-improvement. Make more items, make better items, promote them externally, jazz up your keywords… make better thumbnails, preview images etc.

And it’s less a case of improve or leave. It’s a case of improve or accept what you’re currently earning. Nobody is being asked to leave. I appreciate there are market forces which authors can’t help, and envato can’t help either. More authors, more items, not a big enough increase in buyers to offset that… will result in less sales unless you upload more items to offset that, which becomes more difficult as time goes on.

And the whole elements vibe. Yes, I can understand the frustration. Just like authors are looking for ways to improve sales, so are Envato. As 50% or more of profits go to authors then the saying when we succeed, you succeed is true… but I guess only for those that are accepted on elements. But if elements results in envato earning less than just having the marketplaces, I’m sure they’ll get rid of it.

Businesses are always going to change and evolve and do what’s best for them, their stakeholders, their customers and their clients… but mainly for the company! Think of all the companies that made cases or chargers for iPhones. Their products are almost obsolete every year, but that’s just the way it goes.

I can understand why people aren’t that happy, but there is a certain irony in people complaining about Envato wanting to earn more money… as a result of them earning less money. It’s all like ‘Envato used to be a community and less concerned about money’ etc etc. If people want it to be a community less concerned about money then maybe they should stop complaining about earning less money?

Or are authors the only ones who should be making money, and envato should just facilitate that? Yes, authors made Envato what they are, but what would authors have made envato if envato had never made envato? Nothing.

Every business… you, me, envato, insert name here, is out to make as much money as possible. Maybe exclude NGO’s from time to time, charities and the odd rare exception, but that’s the way it works.

If Envato want to make a shed load of cash then I applaud them. I will make as much money through them as I can, but I will continually look for new opportunities, develop back-up plans and find my own ways to make shed loads of cash. Evolution is the key to survival!

Rant over. Just keeping it real. I love you all, very much. Peace out.


The main goal is to make money, but the communication and transparency in certain ways are just not ok. The duality of certain actions from Envato is staggering, that is the main purpose of my voice.

If you talk about businesses earning the most money they can than you also have to acknowledge that all businesses that work in commission way as Envato does, as they do not own products here, in the quest for ever higher profits make mistakes and those mistakes usually start with assuming that they achieved critical mass and exploiting that mass in ventures that will bring them more money.

I mentioned In another post that if we all had the equal chance in all these ventures to apply (not by invitation as this is not the same) then hardly anyone would complain. But the system is made to draw resources from ThemeForest and other markets.

But to exploit our efforts to fuel additional ventures on the expense of hurting the ones who are not on those ventures and are bringing in the traffic is simply wrong.

Now you can advocate that this is just business but I would have to counter that in every healthy business there has to be a certain morality aspect.

And in most cases people are not loud on them wanting to earn more money, but why is Envato not taking some moves to take there hard earned money away.

On this statement I partially agree with you… evolution is the key to survival, but it does not diminish someones aspire to fight for what they are currently doing. If you see a kind of “injustice” happening do you fight to correct it and possibly bring prosperity to all the sides are you turn the other cheek or well run.

And the morality of the Business which is fueled by authors which are complaining quite heavily, to brag about profits is well questionable at best.

To put it simply, we are the owners of the items, we pay the platform fee and all other fees from which Envato profits, we put our efforts in marketing and improving those items, Envato makes additional businesses in which they invite those they want, but draw customers from all together to grow their business which is in direct competition with our business and on the other side we are not allowed even to link to our free products that we offer on our websites and are being inhibited in tons of other areas, left to battle for our own products in all other legal and customer aspects, all that with quite a few tools missing and over all of this we read a puffy sugar coated editorials on marginal success stories with out any real data and as stated before on big everlasting profits of the company behind it all.

I short Envato states that products here are not theirs but they act as they are.

But love still remains :slight_smile:

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I’d be happy If I didn’t have to share Elements ‘Contributor Bonus’ with Envato. I would also love to earn a little more with non-exclusive items.

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I’d be happy If I dont have to pay 30% of tax to US earnings.

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