Internet Broadband Promotion Flyer Design ,why rejected my design?

hi this is cute with the illustration like this, there is also a desire to generate some originality in the lay out and this is welcome , too. I rather like the “more services” bullet and the associated folded effect under , as well. The issue in my view is that u have a really too flat typo in a general way that turns out t o kill the hierarchy a bit too … introducing some touches o originality in the typo to match a bit more with the illustration would be welcome according to me , as well as trying to push the envelope and instead of having flat rectangle of plain color or gradient u could have slightly textured ones maybe mixed with some effects or some melted pictures inside to generate some more “wow effect”. At this stage the typo is lacking variations a bit but most importantly some fun combinations and a creative touch, some sort of fantasy some how some way. Also, make sure and this tis very important not to have texts flagged in all directions like this … choose to align everything and to flag it all on the left i think this is the best option u have at this stage … besides u really need to do this with the logo for as of now it looks like pasted randomly indeed …

Thanks for nice feedback

u are welcome i hope i will help and u and if u think that u have had feedback enough for u to improve your item pls check the “solution” box , good luck and good work :slight_smile: