Please review my rejected flyer

Hello Dear Authors,

My Second flyer in GraphicRiver has been rejected. I would like to know your valuable reviews why it has been rejected and what should i maintain next time.

Here is the design -

Thanks in advance!

hi i think that your typo combinations are not satisfying enough yet and that it takes more effort from u this side, especially as regard to the footer. The fake logo is not doing any favour to your design if u ask me and i think that u should change it for something which basically looks more professional and visually attractive, the background look a bit messy in the mid section area , i understand what u tried to do , though this is not efficient enough … u should also try to give your banners a bit more graphic value, trying to introduce a bit more originality or work into into it. Though, as regard to your design type , for you the main focus is to bring a very solid typo to the table with appropriate alignment and spacing everywhere

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Thanks for your great feedback on my work. I will try something better next time.

i recommend u to start with this one … u have a base to start with, just apply what u have been advices and see how it goes …