why this flyer rejected?, help me please

what make this flyer rejected, this is my first submission

with respect, this is nowhere near the standards for here.

It’s mostly the same element copy/pasted but with a different product image in each

In reality, I am pretty sure it would be mostly illegible

the spacing, margins, hierarchy, typography etc. all need a lot of work

hi I am sorry to say just this but this far there is close to no graphic design at all here. The thing is that once, u take out the pictures that u are not supposed to include, basically there is more or less nothing left , I mean but lines of text, rather inefficient bullet and lines. The fact of the matter is that in addition, those elements are not even efficient , like bullets , for instance. Look, the goal of a bullet is to highlight an item and make it look outstanding. This is not what happens here. Besides, the concerned bullets are , on the contrary, rather showing the lack of overall contrast that the whole item is suffering from. The choice of colors for what is inside the yellow bullet is not the convincing , not to mention that the bullet’s color itself is definitely not the best of choices, to say the least. Moreover, there is a global lack finition, u display products, these have no associated shadows to whatever and the showing looks pretty unrealistic as a direct consequence … The global typo is very far from standards here , too. Here, expectations are very high about this point in particular , no matter where u turn out to post or the category that u belong to. U will be expected to provide people with far more efforts, adding some variations, font combinations and possibly some originality touches here and there so that u can generate more relief and bring it to the table to ultimately make the whole work more attractive for many, including the reviewer, of course. Is having a yellow border all around the item really coherent? if u ask me, not really not to mention that I tend to consider the edge has being not thick enough , there maybe be very little left once the trimming has been done. The global organization and arrangement, I may say, I leading to a rather choking effect. This is very compact and there is quite a negative impact, according to me on the readability of the whole item. The blocks of text are surprisingly flagged on the left , which makes very little sense in my view … why not forcing the justification ? and why not , in the worse case scenario, flag it in the middle? the way u did it is creating disharmony in the organization and I feel like this is nit superfluous to remind u that this type of item is a corporate one and a template , too. In other words, more than creativity in a general way , what people are expecting from u is to arrange things super professionally all the way , so that this type of organization is not done, if u wish … I also recommend that u spend some time to create a decent and professional looking logo, the “fake logo” or “logo placer” that u have right now is having no other effect than pulling the creation down globally. U should rather opt for introducing something very professional that will take your item and work to the next level visually speaking, even if u do not include the supposed logo in the main file in the end, this will be only for previewing matters anyways … . Also, apart from violating a first basic design principle having negative consequences on hierarchy of information, readability and exposure, out of failing to have contrast enough, u got into additional troubles by messing with another one, that is to say alignment. Pls consider again what I told about templates and corporates items … I would like to also emphasize that nowadays,with such a saturated market, wit so many things already being done, u cannot look for your item to be accepted without offering something somehow some way looking fresh and a bit new or different …