i purchase by mistake html template we need in wordpress

i want to purchase this theme in wordpress i bymiskly purchased html

please exchange it and send me the wordpress one

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Contact Envato support they will tell you the solution.

from where

please guide me

In this case, in order to get approval for refund, you need to make sure you DID NOT download the HTML template (or/and have bought the WordPress Theme) so the author/Envato team will approve your refund request.


guide me for refund

Hey there, sorry to hear about that. You can request a refund following this link but please keep in mind that the author can reject your refund request based on the fact that mistaken purchases due to this reason can simply be avoided by asking in the Item Comment section if the item is compatible with your needs and also, reading the item description properly. Follow this link , request a refund and the author will reply back to you. Be sure to properly explain what happened. Cheers! :slight_smile: