How can I request my money back?

How can I request my money back? I have bought a template that said it was worth for wordpress and this one only goes shopify.
Please, I need an email where to send the history counting in detail the problem.

It’s very important for me.

thanks you,

Please, read the details before submitting a request. Authors are not entitled to accept the refund requests regarding to “wrong purchase” especially if the item is already downloaded.

The problem is that I chose that template because the description of this saying that was worth for wordpress and it is not worth… the mistake was not by mmi choice…

please can you share the url where the description stated that the theme is for wordpress. so that we can check and send you to the right track to get refund (if you are eligable)

The template is kriya and these are the images of the mail I sent to

now de descripcions are changed …look at this…

The template for Wordpress cost 59 dolares…and it’s the price what i have payed…and it’s only good for shopify…

I would really only need the version that’s worth it… The one I bought I’m not going to use it…
thanks you.

please check your statements page from your envato market dashboard and make sure you have paid for wordpress ($59) nor for shopify theme ($55).

Also you can check your Downloads page to check which item listed there as your purchased item wordpress/shopify theme.


I can see both theme wordpress and shopify theme has come from the same author. So, just check your download page which version you have bought and contact your purchased theme author and let them know. theme author will help you to get the right theme (wordpress version).

If you need wordpress version and you received shopify theme then just let them author know. as both theme from the same author author will help you to get the right theme.


The author told me to contact you for the refund of the amount, before there was only one dislike of the Kriya template and supposedly valia for shopify and wordpress. This is a mistake.

please can you tell me in your download page the wordpress version nor the shopify listed. need to know originally what theme you have purhased. because if purchased wordpress theme them theme should work with wordpress and if purchased shopify (mistakenly because of same name) then have to request the author to give refund for shopify and you must have to purchase wordpress theme. so, please tell me what theme there (your download page) actually.


Please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


I bought a template that said it was worth both but I got just the shopify one. Insito… the author told me that you are the ones who return the money…are you going to pay me with the return?

if you need wordpress theme then why you don’t tell the author that you need wordpress version and you will purchase wordpress version if they refund for shopify version. I think author will agree with you. so, please try to fix it through author contact.

ok…i’m going to trie it. thanks!