Good day,

can i get a refund and so i can buy correct templates?

the other one said wordpress themes but it doesnt work on wordpress.

this doesnt show me anything, i bought my theme at elements - subscription

This link doesnt show me anything.

Check this link for refund policies.

Also, did you contact the author for the problem you had with his project? He has the responsibility to help you. You must first contact him to see if you can solve this together. You will need his approval for the refund.

i cant seem to find the author on this themes?

You can’t get a refund for a single item that was downloaded from elements. If you have the subscription then there is nothing stopping you downloading other items, without the need for refunds.

These are all WordPress themes available on elements.

Please note that items downloaded from envato elements and not purchased via the main marketplaces such as themeforest do not come with author support or updates.

ur rude and ur not paying attention , i am failing to install this thing on wordpress as it doesnt support. i said can i get a refund so i can move from elements to themeforest , it that a hard thing to do?

PXaas - App & Software Landing Page Theme - this is a wordpress but doesn’t work

What is the link to the item? Are you sure there is not a WordPress version available on Elements?

Elements and the marketplaces are not managed by the same team so it is not that simple.

If you want to refund your elements subscription then you need to ask the relevant team using this link. Envato Elements Help and Support

You should not download any further files in the meantime.