How can I get back my money? :-/

I was looking Wordpress theme. I wrote ‘wrodpress’ in google. I bought ThemeForest, I try to install on my website and it stop… “you have not index.php page”.
I dont know english very well, a thougth then i bought woredpress theme.

I threw away the money. :frowning:

What item did you buy? What was the link on themeforest to that item?

Not all items for sale on Themeforest are WordPress themes.

REfund info here but mistaken purchases may not be acceptable.

I bought:

I was looking wordpress theme with google.
I have not read the description.
Only after the installation attempt. I was looking for a template in the promotion. Ten dollars was ok, like for me. 50 it’s too much. Now I have nothing. :-/

This is the WP version but as you said it’s more expensive.

You can try asking the author or envato support using the link but unfortunately, there would be no guarantee that they will be able to help

Thank You charlie4282 for help. I used the link You sent me.
I hope it will work.

Once again thanks for help.


Its Completely Author’s decision if he want to refund or not. You bought the HTML template , the title of product the price, the description everything states it clearly its not a WordPress theme.

Just like now you are too curious for your money means cannot spend 50$ if you were this much worried you could investigated more before buying the theme.

The template also have a WordPress version you can ask the author for refund, if he do then its good if he refuse, you can ask him if you buy WordPress theme then will he refund the amount or not in most cases authors accept refund this way.

Please note there are several buyers who buy HTMl templates then they say we bought it by mistake we wanted WordPress theme. I am also victim of this. I am not saying you are trying to play same game but this is the reason authors rarely accept this excuse to refund.

I hope you understand. thanks.


Just FYI the author of the WordPress theme is not the same as the author of the HTML template so this probably won’t work.

Thank you.
I wanted to use this link on my website
I have a hobby photography. As you can see, this is the page that I wanted to do on Wordpress. I was looking for an inexpensive WP template. I used Google to find this. I have not read the description on the site, my fault. Although I do not know English very well, however, I now understand the description that it is hmtl.
This is my first purchase in a foreign service. I do not want to fool anyone. The html template is useless for me.
Yesterday I sent a query to the author. I am waiting for a response.


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What is the reason?

I understand.
I’m sorry that I’m perceived as a cheater.
Mistake - human thing.

What is the reason?
I wrote it before. I have not read the description.

I was looking for a template from Google.
After clicking the link I chose the template and bought it. I was convinced that I was buying a WP template.

Hello !

Contact Item’s author for refund. Hope They will refund if possible. Good Luck. :slight_smile:


Thank You for your answers.
Everything ended well.
At the moment I’m looking for a refund.
The author agreed.


Actually this does not happen to me on my old items, when i publish a new template not on all templates but mostly the first or second sale of that template request a refund for this reason so i assume they are those who put our templates on free websites. I dont say every customer is this type but i have faced it several time.

When envato used to handle the refunds, every month i had 3 to 4 refunds from my account. Now since i handle refunds there are none! thanks to envato…

@pawelgorzkow Congratus if author agreed! I hope you find good item for your project. Good luck.

I’m new here, and it is probably visible.
I’m awkward in this situation. I did only unnecessary confusion.
Anyway, everything ends well.
If I choose the WP template and finish the page, I will provide the link here. :wink:
But it’s not as fast as I think. :wink: