I need your advice for my rejected track!

Hi everyone. I uploaded a track but it has been rejected. I haven’t the foggiest idea why it has been rejected. So i need your advice to improve my work. Thank you.

(My English is not perfect. Sorry If I made any mistake and feel free to correct me, so my English will also improve.)

Edit the link, you pasted two times.

The two first thing i can hear are:

  • Too much compression.
  • Low frequencies are dominating the song.

My bad, sorry. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer.

What can I do to fix these problems? Should I readjust my EQ to higher frequencies?
I don’t know what compression means in musical language exactly. Can you explain it a little bit?

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Well, try to explain that here is a little bit complicated.
I recommend you find some videos on youtube explaining that, always is easier when you can hear it and watch what do you have to do.
Quickly search on youtube;

I havent watched the videos so i cant tell if they are ok. But this can be a beginning.

PS; Saturday night, my friends drinking beers and whisky and i am here, trying to help. :joy::sweat_smile:

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Videos are perfectly fine, thank you. ^-^

But I’m kinda confused about compression. Because I haven’t used any compressor in my track. I will do some digging on the web to figure it out. By the way, is it for only piano or whole track?

While your friends are drinking, you are helping me. I owe you one. :smiley:

Listening again, around 0:23. When the piano gets in, something strange happen.
I´m with earphones, i though it was the compression, but if you say you didnt use it, maybe it is just the mix.

Yeah, probably it is about mix. I will do some search for mixing too.

They hard rejected this track unfortunately, so I cannot upload it again. But thanks a lot, I learned a few things today. ^-^

You can not upload the same track, but if you try to improve a new track around this, you can upload it.

Happy to help. :beers:


And yet you use phrases like “haven’t the foggiest”, one of the most English of English phrases in existence. Amazing :joy:

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Hey there.

I think you should remove that fire sound effect, it can’t fit in all projects, or to include a version without it. Low frequencies are there, but the thing is you need to play more with transitions and arrangement. And try to improve the mix if you can. I hope this was helpful.

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Well of course I didn’t know that :joy: I just watch too many films, tv series and some animations. I see that phrase in a animation I think. :smiley:

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Thanks, I will look into those things too. :blush:

You are welcome, and I can tell you watch too many movies, tv series etc (so do I) by the sound of this track. You are close. :slight_smile:

I think 1 - first you need to understand where this track will be used by buyers? 2 - listen and watch reviews (tutorials) about mixing, there are many of them, 3 - listen to the tracks of popular (with a lot of sales) authors :slight_smile:

1- I compose music to be used in video games mostly. Actually, this music is already used in a video game but it was in a game jam and nowhere to be found at the moment.

2- I don’t know much about mixing that’s for sure. If you guys are following a channel on youtube that could help me, I would like to know.

3- I already listened top salers of the last week. I will try to compose like those one day but actually they are not my style exactly.

nice advice… some change notes… fix some technical issues… voila! a new track!!
I want a beer :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::beer:

Hi guys, me again.

Is this one better than the previous one? I’ve tried some mixing.

Do you put the compressor after the reverb?

This method works in separate moments of the track (effects, synthesizers - EDM) but in your case the compressor creates resonances. If you want to do depth-do more reverb, and the sound source (piano) do less volume Reverb should be natural as the voice in the tunnel.

Use the “Bus”, “send” method.

Nope, I didn’t use compressor.

I’ve never heard that method but I will look into it. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Edit: Sorry, I read your reply again. I misread before. I guess you meant I should put a compressor after the reverb, is it correct?

You can not put the compressor after the reverb.

Just the sound of your musical instruments reminiscent of a compressed sound with the reverb effect.

in any case, you strongly press the mix - there are “artifacts”