My track REJECTED! Help!

Hey guys,

My first submission is declined. What would you guys change or tweak? I haven’t listened the track like 2 days now to clear my ears. Now I feel like I could clean some lower mids in piano track maybe?


Very simple: I would turn all the compressors off.

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Thanks for the reply.

You mean I need to use less compression for individual tracks or in mastering stage?


Hello @bugrasisman !
The first thing that hit my ears is your compressed and very loud piano.
Second: hint of arrangement, frequent pauses (pits) which do not look very good, since your track is just beginning and it seems that you are tuning into what will happen next and suddenly cliff.
Third: in my opinion, this all sounds like a demo, and the mix are poorly developed. But this is the last point that I would take into attention (compressors, etc.), all the same, the main thing is the arrangement, or rather its absence here as such.
My thoughts.
Try to listen to the top tracks in the same genre!

Good luck! :wink:

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Thanks guys!


Stylewise you’re in the ballpark, but definitely keep the drums going throughout. Also, as much as I like some of the harmonies you have going, that sort of thing needs to be pretty plain jane to fly on AJ. The arpeggiator that comes in the second half of the track is loud as an individual track. Also, try knocking down the level to about -14 LUFS before you put it on SoundCloud, I’ve noticed that otherwise decent sounding tracks sound grotesquely loud on there, and other streaming platforms at that.

Good luck!

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Thanks a lot for the reply. Since I am now editing the project, your input will definitely help me!