hi friends. Give me advise about this flyer design before uploading to graphicriver. Is this approve

Where Company Logo?

hi pls do not get me wrong as this is the worst thing that we have ever seen , but quite frankly , just consider that u are a potential buyer , would u honestly buy such an item? to be honest if u wanna know my answer this is no … one of the main reasons is that your target is not only restricted to people who do not know photoshop or lookalike graphic design tools. It would only take a very short time for a decent graphic designer to redo this without spending too much time and without having incredible skills, this basically means that as long as people have some graphic design knowledge , as they would not really save significant time, they will choose to redo it and save money rather than buying … in the same extent , look, why would reviewers accept a file that is considered as having very little potential to sell anyways ? one other thing that iwant to add to make u the point that i try to make here , once u have taken the photo away from here , what is there remaining in the main file? well blocks of texts, blocks of more or less plain color and 3 icons … i guess that this should help u to identify that the item may not look very attractive for many people as kind of really too minimalistic so to speak. Not to mention , that , in addition, the content that u have is not really incredibly impressive , this is the bottom line. The typo is sort of clean but flat and is clearly lacking bringing some relief to the table. Variations are here a but font combination far less again and about original touches typo wise, in my view, they are no where to be seen. As u could have understand as for i have just said, the hierarchy could be better, this is not bad but maybe finding some ways to make a few things more outstanding would help in terms of relief. Apart from this, there are alignment issues in the mid section area the additional bullet for about company not being bringing anything but misbalance indeed. The three paragraphs on the right are not positioned well … the top and bottom one are too close from elements under and above and this is not breathing, not to mention that the whole thing looks strange because of a very substantial space in between the three concerned paragraphs … Anyway , what this is resulting in is a “choking” feeling. Pls also keep in mind that this is a template , in other words, u can adapt the bulk of content and so on so that this looks completely professional and that it looks thus really good … i guess u will understand that having a big gap between the paragraph after “why choose us” and the footer is not super welcome to say the least and in particular when the paragraph on the right part of the flyer is not even close to be aligned vertically with it … As mentioned by @madmindgraphics and rightfully so , this is also not really appropriate not to have any place dedicated to placing a logo. IN terms of branding and usability this is not done, as no matter what is the kind of company , one thing is for sure, they will expect their name and possibly logo to be remembered and identified. There is also an issue of spacing - horizontally speaking - between the icons and the paragraphs next to them, as the concerned icons are not even being aligned with the “our” above them. The space in both side of the icons is too large and a good idea would be to push paragraphs and icons on the left and reduce the gap between them and extend the block of text to the right to decrease the number of lines and sign both title and paragraph vertically with icons. This would help u to deal with the issue of misbalance between left and right part as in the process. Still about icons, they are sort of a bit flat in such a context where u have very little graphic design and this would be required for u to push the envelope and bring more elements and originality to the table …


Hello @sailor:
I think that I don’t like color pink, error spacing, difficult to read typography, etc but like as @n2n44 already give u a good advices please u case to @n2n44 if you like it please give “solution” post of @n2n44 :slight_smile: