will this get approved?

Hello There, I made this design will it be approved or not. If no please point out my mistakes. Thank you.

Unlikely -

  • company name/logo looks unfinished/weak
  • modern home… has spacing and margin issues
  • a lot of empty space to the right of the features lists
  • copy/paste within the 4 images feels wrong
  • general hierarchy needs attention

@charlie4282 I don’t know when I m gonna learn all these things. BTW Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

You are not as far off as some that we see here - the logo, spacing and copy/paste images are easily fixed

@charlie4282 It’s a moral victory for me. Thanks for your support. :slight_smile:

hi there are a good collections of things to improve, change and take to the next level so that the item can be possibly accepted, if u ask me. Let’s get started
1- global style
I am sorry but u do not have anything whatsoever been fresh here and al u have at this time is inspiring some deja vu feeling to say the least (disposition, typo, lay out, uses pictures and so on). Let’s also face it, u do not have so very much graphic design here … after all once u consider what is included in the main file, what do u have left? block of color, texts, one icon and 4 placeholders … for me this looks rather restricted to be honest and I would suggest that u try to push the envelope graphic design wise so that u can offer something more attractive in terms of originality and also commercially speaking , as well
2- rather low commercial potential
this is a compilation of different factors, not only because the item is globally lacking originality as mentioned above but not only. the flyer can also be redone without spending so much time and doing so much effort or having incredible skills, so basically enough if u do not manage to save time or get extra design skills out of buying, what is the purpose to buy? people would rather opt for redoing on their own and save money instead … the final point for this division is also that some item like this can be found for free in the internet and unless u manage to offer some sort of extra value and creativity with what u have the commercial potential is not huge to say the least , so ultimately what is the point for the reviewer to accept it?
3- spacing and disposition of some elements
indeed, this is not only a template but also a corporate item that u have here and as regard to this , u are expected to arrange everything as perfectly as it can be and u can even adapt the content for this if required. Well the fact of the matter is that the spacing and others have to be improved in many areas , including , in particular in the main title area as the space between the paragraphs and the space over and under those is not equal
4- alignment
as a reminder this is a basic design principle and as such this is definitely not a good idea messing with it … this impacts very negatively the professionalism resulting form the item as well as it impacts badly the visual attraction , too. The title block is not aligned with the price in the other side for instance, "where dreams … " is not aligned with vignettes. Well, to make it short there are many flaws about it at this stage and the impact is huge on the global feeling being generated
5- logo
I would recommend u to invest some time to create a decent professional logo indeed , something that will rather bring the item to the next level visually than contribute to the flatten the whole thing … pls see next point
6- branding
indeed, for branding matters not having a real logo and giving it stop very little space is far from being a good idea , actually. This is taking away some attention, impact, exposure for it while a normal buyer will be looking for the other way around. the fact of the matter is that I cannot see who would not like their brand to be outstanding, visible / noticeable and remembered and in this context u do not have just this. Further info in the net point
7- breathing,
still related to the logo thing , if u give so very little space to such an important item and the logo, this is taking away the breathing and this is also in the end, most importantly taking away the attention and impact away from it, too
8- lower section
the lower section is definitely raw at the moment …this is lacking partition, this looks too much like a badly organized “extended block” at the moment , not to mention that this context emphasizes the fact that u do not put much effort in the background for most of the flyer
9- hierarchy
the phone number thing with the icon should be given a bigger side, not only would u be able to solve the problem of alignment there but in addition this would solve a hierarchy and coherence problem in the meanwhile. After all what is a real company looking for ? this is that customers or buyers who get this flyer in hand call them on the phone and deal with them, so this part must be outstanding. Besides, let’s talk the talk this is making very little sense to have the icon given more contrast than the number … the icon is not selling or being really useful , this is just adding a very little additional touch of graphic design out there , what need to be emphasized the most is the phone number so that this needs to be the thing contrasting the most …

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