What's your oppinion about this?

What do you think, is there any chance to get this approved? How would you improve it? What is wrong?

I want to know what I did wrong so I can improve and not repeat the same mistake.

Thank you!

hi well the bottom line is that u have a whole lot of things to deal with indeed and thus a whole lot of things to fix before u can possibly have this item approved … to be honest, there is almost all to redo. First of all, colors are lacking, all is very dark and colors are thus not attractive, not to mention that at this stage this is really super plain …

the global organization of textslooks very messy, the eye gets lost when it comes to identifying where to look for the content.

The typo is way too plain and failing to combine fonts and thus to create a real hierarchy of information where some pieces of it are outstanding and “instantly readable”

your block in the footer are uneven, even when u set them for the preview and this leads to misplacement feeling and the feeling that things are not aligned properly, when alignment is a major issue , one of the basic design principles

your fake logo “is not selling” this is too plain and not credible as a company logo … it just hurts your preview …

contact is very important and not outstanding enough , it should be central

the photo on the left is not matching the place where u placed it as there is a big wild space on the right where there is basically nothing at all …

all this is among other things as there would be additional things that could be done, but u already have your hands full with what i mentioned …

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Thank you for your feedback, it helps me improve.

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i hope so, keep in mind this is better to take your time, focus on quality and originality , it will definitely help u to have your items approved and it will build a quality portfolio in the end :slight_smile: