Will I get approval of this design?

Please give your opinion, need any change ?

I’m not a fan of the fonts but they don’t look wrong so that’s prob more personal

It will definitely be close.

  • There’s a little too much empty space too and bottom of the “our advantage” content

  • If it were mine I would extend the green tab below the logo all the way across that grey container. It also looks a tiny bit lower at the right hand edge than the left. Is that intentional?

  • Have you tried expanding the 40% triangle so it aligns with “marketing” to the left and the flat grey edge (rather than the photo) to the right?

These are all only coming from trying to find things to consider more than necessities

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@charlie4282 Thnx Dear, Your opinion will Help me to Improve My Design Quality

hi indeed, u have most importantly an issue of readability, contrast and valuing the text, in a general way. Let’s face it many of the texts are not popping out enough at this stage as u failed to offer contrast enough between the background and the text on top of it and did not fully achieve to bring originality, variations and font combinations so hat the typo, in a general way bring more relief to the table and more impact for text to be seen, outstanding and everything. U also have a small issue as regard to the alignment of the footer, it looks misbalanced at this stage indeed. The positioning of the logo can be discussed as regard to the z-shape reading process , too. The website is not readable enough and is preventing the logo to be the first major element to be seen when the eye is sweeping across the flyer . Otherwise, icons are too basic , they look like photoshop presets and u will be expected to put a bit more efforts into this part indeed

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