Please give me a best advice on my business flyer before submitting graphicriver.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

This will be rejected 200%. You have issues on every design aspects. Also “We can help you better a business” is Yoda language.

Sorry, I have not sent graphicriver, I need to give me some advice…
Please explain what are my mistakes flyer? I see that you did not explain anything to me because my flyer was not accepted.

I don’t explain anything to you because you do the same mistakes every time and it’s pointless to write the same thing every time… How many more feedbacks do you need to understand and learn few simple design rules?

Here you go. One more feedback for your collection.

  1. You don’t have any concept. Placing shapes, lines, text and images randomly (without a concept) it is a beginner mistake.
  2. The upper half of the flyer it is not related in any way with the lower half. That white space brake the composition
  3. That image is boring
  4. You don’t have a clear hierarchy
  5. The logo isn’t visible
  6. Elements are to close to margins
  7. Alignments and spacings are off
  8. Icons are too thin
  9. Over all your flyer looks dull and unfinished.

Thank you, I will to fix my flyer. :+1:

Also I think that error colors but I am not sure, I try some best colors.

I’m not sure if it’s okay flyer

You can answer yourself…

  1. What’s the big difference between this one and the first one?
  2. Where is the concept?
  3. Did you fix the composition?
  4. Typography?
  5. Spacing and alignments?
  6. Your flyer has selling potential?
  7. It is your flyer unique?
  8. Would you buy a flyer like this if you had a company?
  9. How much it is worth?
  10. Why should I pay for this?

… and so on …


hi Jeri, for the first flyer indeed, u have a good deal of the same problems than those i explained to u by email for the other item, , even if the second one is globally a bit better all the same …
You have to keep something in mind, texts are meant to be read, this is true for any document / flyer but even more for corporate items , indeed This basically means that if you ever come up with a document having such big issues as regard to contrast and readability, indeed, u can rest assured that the thing will be rejected. Look, what is the point of having texts and even the flyer if the data that u have inside is not possibly exploitable for the buyer and for his / her target? There is a wrong positioning of the logo as regard to the z-shape reading process. , not to mention that the logo is not balanced vertically and in terms of levels of hierarchy of both title parts, as well as this is not being outstanding as it should be due to the lack of contrast , too. The main shape that u used to put the picture is not purely a good idea as this is disorganizing the rest of the page and that you did not manage to handle it in the end … in the services category, the dividers are not visible enough so that they make sense , the detail of services is almost invisible, too. As for the foster u seem to have a real problem of alignment and spacing due to the varying positioning , size and association of elements indeed … Otherwise, the picture that u used is not expressive enough , this is also rather dull and not bringing the light on an activity so to speak. There is also a lack of concept and this is not a good idea with the way the market is working right now, where u need to clearly identify the target