Hi everyone i am new here

I am a video animator, who can help me what to start what animations need to be done so that I can sell.


Hey, take a look around the marketplace, see what people are buying, from what categories or subcategories, then come up with something similar in terms of quality/usability, and lastly add something new & unique - your own ideas and twists on already done things.

There’s no recipe on what to do exactly, it’s up to each author to figure out what they like creating, what they’re good at, and what sells for them. This will take some time to figure out, but eventually, if you stay persistent, you will begin to understand all of those things :smiley: Good luck!


Thanks for the answer, today I added a project but did not accept it without a specific reason ,

Quality standards are pretty high on videohive, as it has become the industry standards for animation templates and only highest quality is accepted.

You can upload your preview to youtube and give a link to it here, so people can give recommendations on how to improve or tell you what is wrong with it.

Most of the times the reason is simply “not good enough”, though. Don’t give up and keep on improving :slight_smile:


I would be very grateful if you would give advice on how to improve my projects. This is my page in Behance https://www.behance.net/vgraphicarts

I think it would be better if you would post specific animations that you got rejected. Now it’s hard to know which projects were done to be sold or not, and the way you critique this stuff widely varies on this nuance.

Hmm, I think that particles “dance” looks promising, but the logo reveal - “fade in” animation is too simple. If the logo at the end formed from these particles by displacing itself, or while using some plugins, then it would have more chances of approval with this idea.

Also, I’m not sure if those white lines work well stylistically with the particles. It seems to be a not-fitting detail added in hopes of quickly increasing the complexity of the project. If those lines somehow interacted with the particles and logo, and if their color/style/width etc looked more cohesive with the whole look, their existence would be a bit more justified for me.

Finally, when the logo appears it just stands in place. Adding a subtle idle animation like a slow zoom-in or something else could help.

And overall, I would look to similar animations here: https://videohive.net/search/particle%20logo
Most of them seem to have a consistent style, or more details, and more elaborate particle simulations. So you could work on all of those things if you still want to continue with this particles idea.

Good luck! :smiley:

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First you all you need to research, when you enter a new market place. Just see other author work every day and try to understand which types of quality they actually provide. After getting a better idea, you should start for making your own work and upload it for sell. Best of luck for your upcoming project.

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Thx :+1:

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Hello friend I was rejected twice too

Hello friend, I have a new intro animation, I want to know your opinion, can I add this project to Envato or not.

Hey, not yet :smiley: You’ve got a lot of improvement to do, but overall it’s not bad. But to get accepted in videohive it needs to be either good or REALLY good :smiley: And you won’t probably bridge this gap just by reading my feedback. You’ll need to practice for months to come while also learning the graphic design basics and watching the best motion design work on vimeo and behance.

So what’s good there: there’s camera action going on, some typical glitches happening, you even created some depth in the scene with image textures and you even bothered to add a shine to the logo! :smiley: And lastly, the mirror blurry floor looks pretty good (besides the reflection not being mirrored correctly). So yay, you’re giving some attention to detail.

But overall it all looks very distasteful and random now. Your taste will get better as you watch and analyze more good work.

Now, to get into the specifics:

  1. The 3D camera/text parallax effect is broken and looks weird, cause both the camera and text keep shifting in position. If you want this 3D-looking to the side motion in After Effects, use 3D camera with a 3D composition (with a text inside it) and then only animate the camera sort of looking around the text. That will look better. Or just use Cinema 4D to achieve this motion much more easily and then learn how to export Cinema 4D cameras and objects to After Effects.

  2. The text glitching is not bad, but probably not yet up to the standard, nor better or more unique, than already approved Glitch animations. And Glitch category is super competitive so only the most unique and best projects get accepted. So for your project, there’s just no chance yet, unless you will create a bit more complex and unique glitching effects.

  3. Is this a logo reveal or a title reveal or some weird hybrid of both? Sometimes it’s best to stick to already established clear boundaries of projects types. If it’s a logo reveal, I would remove the text in beginning. If it’s titles, remove the logo :smiley: If it’s a hybrid, then the beginning text animates for too long, it almost becomes an opener at this point :smiley: So for a hybrid, I would cycle through the text x4 times quicker and then somehow interestingly glitch into the final logo reveal.

  4. You just abruptly cut to the logo reveal, where the logo isn’t even glitching anymore, nor doesn’t use any other effects for it’s reveal. It just stands there :smiley: Again rejection just for that. It’s not 2012 anymore when fade in logo reveals could get accepted in After Effects category, and especially in glitch sub category. And for you there is no fade in either, just nothing :smiley:

  5. The constant animating text texture is too much. Learn about contrast and use it for your advantage by switching up form glitching complicated texture to a clean text - that way the gltich will seem more impactful and the white clean text will give people space to relax and prepare for whatever else is to come in your animation :smiley: Plus it will create 2 different good-looking textures that work together, and this is much better than two different color texts, or just two white texts, as it attracts people’s attention and interest better.

  6. Those hexagon shapes with that color and in that position just don’t look very pleasing. Again it’s a stylistic thing. Now it resembles something from 2005, so again keep up with the trends by always watching newest and hottest motion design work.

  7. The logo at the end isn’t even centered… CMON :smiley: You did some much more complex things right but got this basic thing wrong. Again gotta master your composition basics first, there’s no skipping on that, or else you’ll get consistently bad results no matter how much effects you learn. And for logo reveals, having the logo centered is the no brainer way to make the frame look balanced and beautiful so to say.

I hope sooner or later, once you gain more experience, this feedback will be useful for you :smiley:


do not give up!

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my tip: study mirrors again :slight_smile:


I think you need to study more

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well thank you

Thank you very much for describing my work in such detail. I gain work experience as a result of mistakes, so I will try to correct my mistakes and share them with you again.

Hi, I made a few changes, I look forward to your comment.