Hard reject, Ok but I want to learn from my mistakes.. Can I have your feedback ?

Hello everybody,

I recently uploaded a motion logo reveal but is was rejected .
"Regrettably the Help and Quality Teams are unable to offer a critique or feedback on your rejected submission."
work and enter in Envato sellers community. Can you give me your feedback please?
Link : https://vimeo.com/158511179

Animation is great, dynamic. I like it, don’t change anything.
Your colors and effects are maybe to specific, add some customizations in forms and colors maybe and make your preview more sexy. And maybe add some particles ? small objects to create some more 3D space impression.

I had the same problem of soft reject on this project :

When I added options and customizations it was accepted.

Thank you for this quick response! you’re right, the movie deserves more particule and an example with photo.
My reject is hard , you thinks with more option, color and form, I can propose this project ?

thank you , whith your message I keep my hope! I need to work on customization and more modern preview.
I can do it ! :wink:

Of course nothing is sure, but there is potential. Yes you can ! :slight_smile:

Hello, I have a question for you, it’s ok if I use Unsplash for my preview ? And how you have creat a link for Attribution License and audio jungle ?

The build up is strong, but the ending is a let down.

Maybe at the last “ding” you can have the camera easy ease in with the logo rotating in the same fashion as at 0:03 with lines swooping around it. Just throwing an idea in the wind here. In my opinion, it needs more dynamics at the end to match the beginning, I have a feeling that’s what caused it to be rejected. (that or they feel it’s just not enough going on throughout the entire project)

I could be wrong!

It also wouldn’t hurt to show versatility, as in showing how you can change colors, background, etc.

edit (whoa, just saw this was from 10 days ago…)

The only think I did not like is that the whole animation suddenly stops and is not centered and is rotated somewhat…

But i like the reveal actually

I keep forgetting to leave a reply on this.

I actually have absolutely no problem with it, i can’t see why it was accepted. Unless they reject all minimal logos these days, i don’t see how a minimal reveal would get accepted over this. The quality is up to par as far as i can tell. The only real suggestion i have is having the text show up in a little more creative manner than a simple slide-down. Maybe have the slide down affect letters randomly so it has a little variety (maybe).

Thank you so much for all the answers !!! I expected more …

I have considered all your comments, you helped me a lot . I try to change the movement of the camera but I lose my effect ’ impact . " I added particles , and add background images , I lose the " flat " side but it’s more modern. I reworked the text at the end that was too simple. Finally I did a preview much sexier … But now my VideoHive account is locked , I do not know why … my email account too… I will fix that and I show you my new preview as soon as possible.

I wanted to thank you all for your return, it allowed me to keep my motivation , to reassure me about the quality of the animation and give me courage to improve it. :slight_smile:

Ps : How I can make a link in the description ?

Please help me too :frowning: I am very succes for other stock sites. BUt videohive always reject my project files and videos. I create a topic 5 minutes ago. Can you help me?