Another AE template was hard rejected.


my third video gets hard reject.

I need your honest opinions about:

  1. Why it was rejected;
  2. The quality of this video;
  3. How and what I can change to make it better;
  4. What content to upload in hive to get it accepted and
    don’t waste time preparing the projects to be rejected.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


  1. Cause look here: your project isn’t executed better than any of these projects. Plus I’m not sure if it brings anything new either.

  2. Mediocre at best. Awkward zoom-ins and rotations, the animation deosn’t even match the audio rhythm, everything goes on it’s own, no cohesiveness that would create a “cool, I want this” feeling.
    Then the conflicting colors of the text and background, makes it look really bad stylistically. Then also it’s literally the same zoom-in rotation scene repeated endlessly :smiley: At least have a few different scenes and effects to keep it interesting and to add value.

  3. Analyze the market, see what’s done before, and don’t redo it the same. Come up with some new idea and execute it well. That said work on your execution skills, color theory, animation rhythm and learn to match it to music. Now it seems like you have no idea which colors look good or that adding very contrasting colors on top of very vibrant images will look terrible.

  4. Any content that brings something new or does something a bit differently than already approved projects and which also has the same or even higher execution quality when compared to already approved projects here.


@Atamotion Wow, thank you. Now I have a lot to do.)

Hi. I guess I understand why it was rejected. First of all animation is not dynamic and doesn’t flow as it should. Design in general needs a lot of improvement, from text font to motion, transitions and colors, most of all because there is huge competition on this cayegory. Latest works are amazing, and you must be beyond those projects to get an approval. Check this recently approved work and I’m sure you will see the difference: