Hard Rejected, please help

This is the fifth rejected work on videohive. In my opinion, everything is fine in the project structure.
what can you say about the appearance of the product, is it possible to refuse because of it?

Hi, my condolences for the rejection :smiley: they suck…

To your credit you did design and animate many different scenes, and that’s a good start! But more work was needed… I think your project was rejected cause it uses outdated style, lacks complexity, more imopressive animations, effects & overall better executed cohesivenes of all the effects and elements.

Now the first shot wall of photos - you can’t see half of the photos cause they get obliterated with that 2005 overexposed lens flare effect/fade out.

The text inserts are practically unreadable in every scene apart for the very end. They simply dont stay on the screen for enough time to read them so it renders most of your text placeholders useless. Same can be said for some photos, they disspear too quickly cause the template transitions into next scene too early.

What to do now? Probably look up the newest trending templates accross multiple popular marketplaces, check their design style, what kind of effects they use, the layouts, text animations, overall project complexity. Then also look up featured motion design projects on behance - again find ones which you like, and mark what you like in them. Maybe some unique style, animations etc. Later you can use these as your guidance and inspiration (but not blatantly copy-pasting) for creating projects with more current style and that match the current expectations of template customers.

Furthermore and most importantly - after seeing what’s popular, trending and selling now take a mental note of that, but also don’t try to replicate that 1 to 1. Add your unique ideas to those “trends” and projects, make them your own. Else if you will create the same looking project as someone else has already created, chances are you will get rejected again.

And lastly also work on improving all the other weak points I mentioned, and you will have much more chances of creating something that can maybe get approved. Good luck! :wink:


thank you very much for the detailed answer, it is very important for me, I will take into account your advice :blush: :pray:

Good luck! By the way, 4 years before I was in the same situation, but now I can do some good templates, all because of these authors’ help…

Thank you, friends. @Atamotion

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