Hey Envato Team why you hide reviewers?

I mean, why if approved item we can look at reviewers account, but if rejected item we can`t look at reviewer’s account?

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Why is it relevant to look at a reviewer’s account, if it’s your item that is rejected?

What happens if a reviewer is not an author?

You can compare behaviors of reviewers at least. More importantly reviewers must explain rejections even with few words. Its not best idea to reject projects with template words. I know hundreds of reviews in a day bla bla so hire more ? Either way its a contradiction that showing them when approved and hiding them when rejected. Hide all or show all. Unless there is a good reason like making authors love the reviewers despite wrong judgements and inconsistencies.

I think the anonym for reviewers give them power and power is spoils people

Because people whose projects have been rejected will send messages to reviewers. Do you imagine how many letters will they get? Reviewers can not (and do not have to) answer everyone whose projects have not meet needful quality for Envato marketplace. If they feel that the reviewing project can be upgrated and it will ready for sale, you will get Soft Reject. As I notised, all reviewers have good taste in design, and have a good feeling about what customers need. They understand what in trends today. I know it’s a bad feeling when you got reject. I got few rejects for all time, and I almost always agree that the project is not completely ready for sale.


Do iTunes or Google Play show you the reviewers details? Any other marketplace which does this?

Google Play and iTunes definitely not a good example because you have no idea who exactly review your material in both cases - if it is approved or not. Speaking of RF market - well, there are marketplaces where you get direct messages from reviewers about the status of your submission - if it is approved, hold or rejected. As the moderator I guess you know that I can not leave links for competitor marketplaces here :stuck_out_tongue:

FYI: it is definitely not a problem because in most of the email services you can sort the messages you do and do not want.:slight_smile:

This is off-topic but since you mention that I have to say my word. For each hard reject, I had here (less than 5 I guess) - I had ok/nice sales of that material in other markets. I am sure most of the reviewers understand trends and all that stuff, but human factor always takes it place.

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What do you mean by that ? You mean they are some kind of god ?

Reviewers have to answer everyone. This is why there is template words they use to answer. Would like to hear the word rejected only and no explanations why its rejected ? You ok with this ?

You are right about it in most case but remember that there is authors who has better taste and understanding customer needs. I got rejected some times too. But i m not always obey to reviewer like some people around. There is projects deserves to rejected and then there is projects do not deserve to reject. This is something that i can talk about it.

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@TitanSlayer @iconoclast People will be offended if the reviewer will not respond to the letters. So removing the opportunity to write to the reviewer who rejected your project - the best way out of the situation. I understand perfectly well that this is always a unpleasantly when you have spent time and energy for your item creation, and it was rejected. But get me right … they must not to teach you create your items. They are not teachers who are taught for free. He is your colleagues

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Envato, 21 century has come… It`s time for neural network technology… “human factor always takes it place”

What you think about replacement human reviewers to neural network?

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you are absolutely right about it this why we must be able to discuss about projects they are not teachers they are just like us.


I personally don’t care who rejects my projects. All i care about is how long review times take place. If reviewers will start receiving loads of emails about rejections, that will slow down the queue. Just post your rejected projects in forum and other authors will try to help you.

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I personally dont care review times too much. I was here when times around 3-4 days and it was too long too at that time. It goes as long as it needs. I have no rush. All i care about justice and consistency in reviews.

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About what justice are you talking about exactly? Judging your project rejection on reviewers 7 years old portfolio? Spam him with emails about your rejection? What is your argument here for helping you in rejected situation?

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If thats the case i have 15 years old portfolio. So yes i can judge. Spam ? Its rude. We call it discussion. Normal people call it that way. With some explanations you can show things that reviewers didnt see. I saw wonderful works here rejected and reviewers or moderators, authors had nothing to say about, just drolling around like dont take it personal “i dont know who buys it” kind of bullshits. I could provide thousand of garbage works approved here if only its not against rules and you would see what justice i m talking about exactly !


Maybe envato should do this? The problem will always be that no one can really compare marketplaces.

Reviewer feedback has been discussed many times, and there are a handful of questions:

  1. Surely being able to discuss matters or not won’t change the fact that someone has to make the final call and they may simply disagree?

  2. Consistent standards would be great. Given items and reviewers are unique, I (as I am sure envato) would love to hear examples of what those might look like e.g. for a video file or a website template?

  3. Not aimed at anyone, but you only need to look at the forums to see many submissions which are a million miles from the standard. These are the people who want to discuss matters and get advice.

  • means a lot of time required.
  • on top of this if these people are far from the standards will they really be able to interpret and action the feedback?
  • The alternative of course is to have a standard past which an item must be to be able to dicuss it – that’s what exists already? Maybe it’s the right option?
  1. Lastly, it’s easy to disregard the volume of submissions, and go with the ‘hire more people’ solution, however the volume of reviewers, resource time and costs required to make a dent, can’t be overlooked. Let alone if envato were to introduce reviewer chat or discussion.

  2. How is it if an author disagrees with the reviewer then they are wrong or unfair; but it does not work the other way round? I would bet anything that if authors could challenge or contact reviewers that it would lead to chaos and in a huge % of cases the reviewer will be in the right.

I am all for authors and buyers alike voicing their concerns and ideas, I just think that having read this thread before several items, that it’s important to come with a feasible solution too, rather than to simply attack and criticise those who quite honestly deserve a little more respect.


Can you imagine having to write “a few words” every time you swipe left on Tinder?


That would be fair. Its sad to waste a person with a swipe. Unrelated analogy anyway reviews are not that simple there is some inspection i guess they open project look inside and see if it works find problems etc… while you already doing this you can squeeze some words to the end unless its not a confession that reviewers are just swipes left and right projects ?!§x@

Of course it’s that simple! If you’ve decided that the item is going to be approved or declined… why make it any more complicated than just pressing a yes button or a no button? Obviously they’re going to look at all your pictures in detail, read your descrition in full, check out your Instagram feed and listen to your favourite track, but once they’ve done that… and made their decision… theres no point in complicating the process any more than it needs to be.

Okay. I know it can be very hard for a tinder person but push yourself to imagine that there is a real girl in front of you, made of flesh and blood not a pixel one and waiting for your decision. Now just swipe her if you can…