Communication between Review and Author!


With due respect i want to say that there must be a proper channel between the Reviewer and the Item Author where they can discuss the matters that occurred between the review.

What you guys say about this? I personally think that this option should be available on all Envato site.

Furqan A.

I agree and disagree :slight_smile:

Agree: yes, that would help author to improve his item.

Disagree: I see the forums are full of “why my item was hard rejected, please help” messages and over 90% of authors of such messages submit really, really crappy stuff. Now imagine a reviewer who gets hundreds of such a messages. After reviewer explains it to author, I’m sure he will start receiving an endless number of messages like “but why??? my item is really good”, "why don’t you reply back to me? a friend of my friend’s friend confirmed he likes my item, so it must be good, approve it pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

And that would mean a huge work overload for reviewers. Hence, high quality items will be in queue for much, much longer. I’m sure you don’t want it…

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@phpmillion That can be controlled by making it limited to the Soft Rejected Items.

Well, soft rejection is super-easy to deal with by yourself. My 1st submitted item to Envato was also soft-rejected, but rejection email included some tips on what may cause a soft rejection. So I reformatted my code, re-submitted the item and it got approved.

Yes, it is the easy to deal but what happens when you upload an item 2 month ago and still getting soft rejections for the first approval?

I personally thing that is because of multiple reviewer (staff members). There must be only one reviewer per item.

Multiple reviewer have different thoughts e.g. first reviewer says change the slider item. Done the changes and upload. Again first reviewe see the changes and says the slider items are now ok. Now do the following changes. Done that changes and re-submit and then a second reviewer came and say change the slider item again. Then what to do?

I agree with the one reviewer per item rule but the direct comms would never work -

  1. excess workload. there are literally tens of not hundreds of thousands of submissions a month so even 5% of those being soft rejected and able to contact the reviewer would be insane.

  2. interpretation. Soft rejects get feedback on what to fix. If that’s not enough then chatting about it is unlikely to make a huge difference without a lot of effort

@charlie4282 i have an item and everything that was mentioned in the review was done successfully but still i didn’t get my item approved. [Soft Rejection]

Every reviewing person have a different thoughts on it…

Did they give other feedback that needed fixing?

Was it an entirely new issue or just the same problem?

Every reviewer person have different feedbacks on each review since last 2 months.

That’s the one reviewer per item issue - I doubt being able to communicate with them would make much difference unfortunately

Any solution for this issue?

I’m going through the exact same issue right now. The review process goes through many different reviewers that the review thread actually gets lost. Not all reviewers have the same criteria so what is good for one, may not be good for another.

In the end, it ends up delaying the review process even further. I think once a reviewer takes over, it should be that same reviewer that approves the products or not. Why go through so many reviewers with different criteria? I’m going around in circles trying to get this thing approved. Envato should take note of this…