Waiting for item reviews for over 2/3 weeks

Hello everyone, I noticed that there have been more and more authors waiting on an item review lately. I have submitted 2 items about a good 12/15 days ago, one was already submitted earlier and we made the required changes and the other one is a wordpress plugin that we have added to the list aswell.

So far we have been checking a few times per week but no response, no email, no approval nor no denied products have been found.

Is anyone able to check for me if theres something wrong with my product submissions?


If you can see your Item in your dashboard right sidebar then your Item is not reviewed by the reviewer but it is in queue and will be reviewed as quickly as reviewer can.

If you can’t see your Item in your dashboard right sidebar then your Item has reviewed and you must should receive email of the review result (hard reject/soft reject/approve). If hard reject then you will get only email to let you know hard reject. If soft reject you will get the issues list exist in your item and tips to fix those and you will see your item in Hidden Items Tab. If approve you will get email to let you know that your item got approved and you will see your item in your portfolio. sometimes email from reviewer can go in spam, so need to check inbox and spam as well.

Otherwise please Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to check it for you.


Dear Mgscoder,
thank you for your reply. Do you see one or two items queued because we improved a soft reject and added a new one as well. We are really hoping to work with Envato but find it quite a challenge with the review time. Is there a difference between reviewers since they also exist out of authors? Like example: Reviewer A approves item which Reviewer B might have disapproved?

Im very curious about this and want to become a good envato author!

to get approve your item must have to meet requireents and also have to quality, error free, premuim features. If your item is okay for the market standard then you will get approved.