Trusted Updates: Automatic Approval of Item Updates

Hi Community,

SVG here from Envato, a lot of you have been hearing from Jarel recently in regards to work that is being done to reduce the review turnaround time on reviews. (See his post here: State of the Union: ThemeForest review queues.)

I’m part of that team, and I want to talk quickly about a particular aspect of that work that the community need to be across.

As you may know, we currently review all new item submissions as well as all updates to items that have been previously approved. While we will continue to review all new items being submitted, we are looking at ways to reduce the review wait times for updates to existing items.

Recognising that maintaining existing items is an important responsibility of authors, today we are rolling out a feature that means some authors across all marketplaces except code canyon can update their existing items without the need for review. This feature will not be available to everyone, but authors who’s average approval ratio is above a certain threshold.

With this new change comes a strong degree of responsibility. We believe that the vast majority of authors will acknowledge their responsibility and act appropriately. However, If an author is found to have abused the system, the auto-approval benefit will be revoked as we want to maintain our high quality library.

This is just one improvement in a series of changes that we are in the process of implementing to the tooling and processes for review.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask them below :slight_smile:


That’s great !! Thanks ! :smiley:

@svgstephen Awesome!

How do authors know when they are above or below the threshold? or is it the Author Level?

Now we wanted a beautiful email notification design for the updated item + a brief info of what’s changed (changelog).



Great news!!! Thanks! :blush:

Hi @svgstephen

That’s great !! Thank you ! :smiley:

In ‘Update Item and Tags’ form there is ‘Save Changes’ button instead of ‘Submit Files for Review’,
I suppose :wink:

@QuanticaLabs Oh yes… I can see that :slight_smile:

Great News. This will also encourage to update the item at regular intervals

Hi @svgstephen
That’s Good news!!! Thanks! :blush:

Great news. It would be good if you could elaborate more the “certain threshold”.
Also, i would be great if you could include some automation in item acceptance review, too - maybe some kind of “Theme check on steroids plus Envato standards” (I’m talking about Theme Forest > Wordpress, off course)

Cool! Thanks Envato

Why is CodeCanyon exempt from this?


Sounds good but more information about this threshold would be good. I thought my acceptance ratio is quite high

Why is this not implemented on CodeCanyon?


Finally… But why exclude codecanyon?

Great update! I hope authors will not abuse it.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Awesome! Was waiting for that.

Finally! Great news!

Nice job o7

nice news

thanks !)