Trusted Update Approval

hi everyone ! today when i updated one of my track (Update Item and Tags) just changed the preview file, and i received “Trusted Update Approval”
who knows what does it mean? (i am new in Envato Forum)

Never heard about that? Yesterday i was updating one of my templates all i got is this:

Congratulations! Your update to Motion Titles 4k on VideoHive has been approved. You can view your item here:

Thanks for your submission!

Envato Market Team

Regular email from Envato staff, does anyone know is this something new on the market?

I think some authors got the privilege to update items without reviews needed. Just curious how they chose the authors to get such privilege. :confused:


This is unusual Approval ! usually when i edit my items the Envato team again review my tracks to process
Approve the edited item. but this is not like that. Trusted Update Approval is not usual.
And on my item’s edit page Update Item and Tags the “requires review” is gone. so it means that whatever i edit my item will automatic Update Approval without Envato Team review

There is thread explaining about automatic approval

Some authors got that privilege including you :smile:


When I update icon, updates are instantaneous. When changing the tags and titles, I have to wait a couple of hours.

Icon , item’s name, Update Description are other things, but when you edit anythings on “Update Item and Tags” are required “requires review”.
on my “Update Item and Tags” page THERE IS NO “requires review”. it meant whatever i update or edit my items , will approve update items without reviews needed. :slight_smile:

I think now Envato have auto review with update submit and auto approve if pass.
I received message like yours.

Trusted Updates = Automatic Approval of Item updates. These are based on an approval score. If you get enough items approved, and you have a quality approval portfolio you get automatic update approval privileges. In laments terms! :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks :slight_smile:

WOW! I’ve got automatic update approval only a week after the first download :slight_smile:

LOL I just got this “trusted update approval” too, the update is instantly live in 3 mins after I upload the files. Would be great if in the future we have a feature like “Trusted Submission Approval” haha LOL :joy::joy::rofl:

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