Trusted Updates... How about Trusted Item Submissions?

We noticed recently that while updating one of our marketplace items (we had simply added an additional scene file to the original package and re-uploaded the main file). Normally this would have sat in the updated item queue waiting for re-approval.
However to our delight, the re-submission review was by-passed and received instant approval. Labelled a “Trusted Update”.
May I suggest this “Trusted” initiative could also be applied to new item submissions - mainly for authors who have a proven track record for consistency in item quality and submission approvals? Surely this would take a lot of pressure off the review queue and waiting times for authors who continually provide quality work to the marketplace.
@collis @KingDog @natman

No idea about that, seems great and interesting :blush:

We’ll see how automatic updates go first :smiley:

Automatic approvals could get a big tricky, particularly with complex things like themes. But I’m not on the Review team, so don’t take anything I say as gospel truth :smiley:

@KingDog thanks for your input! I see what you mean.

I think a step in the process is defining submission requirements more clearly.

Maybe on videohive or graphicriver, trusted updates can be fine because the authors add a scene or a layer or something that does not break the buyer website :slight_smile:

But on codecanyon and themeforest, for instance, a line or two of simple (incorrect) update code can ruin the buyer website, that is why a second eye is always welcome. I’m not even talking about trusted new items submission, where things can become even worse (viruses, etc) without a review.

Thanks for dialling in @greenline @matthewcoxy.
As we are coming namely from the Graphicriver Marketplace - Our initial thoughts (and not a lot of thinking went into this mind you)… were more along the lines of a scenario where so called ‘trusted’ Authors (those with a solid history, honest and proven positive track record) are perhaps able to submit certain file types to certain categories or markets - bypassing the review process and thus expediting their visibility on the marketplace … ( initially thinking of items like logos, vector files etc…). We agree and can clearly see how certain items or file types being submitted to the Envato market would perhaps always require manual review such as code and themes etc and agree there’s a lot to consider with this abstract scenario. Thanks.