Automatic Approval of Item Updates


Great news! Perfect for those important fixes that you need to get out to users asap


@svgstephen Ah, ok well now that I know its automatic its all good — love the new update!


I just updated one of my items and I love this new feature!


Great job AJ!!!


Great, everybody’s happy!


I uploaded a new update for an item.
Thumbnail, Preview image and Main file changed but Video Preview no.

Trusted Update Approval

Great news!


its been a while. and not everyone’s happy.
Videohive authors who wish to update their video previews are stuck in a limbo.
Can you withdraw my “automatic approval” I need this preview video updated ASAP!


Nice update. That would be great if our team could get that permission :wink:


Excellent! Thanks :wink:


Is there any news?


Great news! Good improvement!


One week has gone by. Still haven’t been able to update preview video.
Can you please, please withdraw these "so-called-trusted-approvals"
liked it more when you didn’t trust me and updating the preview video was an option.


There’s no “Success/Confirmation” message at all after an update is made. I thought I clicked the wrong button or something when the page loaded to just a “This is your item” message at the top.


I just want to know what’s going on with the queue for reviews right now.


a malicious author could do this in themeforest as well - so this shouldn’t be the reason.


This is Great ! Oh Envato, You’re Such A Darling!


Good news! I hope someday see “Save changes” button.


Wow, great…


@svgstephen Guys, something wrong with autoupdate. I’ve made some changes to the item and now preview not loading in the search list. I’ve tried to reupload again but it still broken. Could you please check?