New Author - Hard Reject

I am sure I haven’t been the only one to experience this, however - it’s pretty confusing.

I got approved to become an author - which means I sent links to Videohive to review my portfolio. My first attempt at uploading files to sell, I used 5 of the SAME clips that got me approved and they were all hard rejected.

I offered all clips in ProRes codec, and they’re all 4k resolution. I am not sure why the same clips were good enough to select me to become an author but not actually sell them lol.

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It’s impossible to give you any feedback without seeing what you submitted.
You need to share your preview if you want to get feedback

That’ because the person who reviewed your portfolio it’s not the same with the one who reviewed your uploaded videos and they have different opinions. This is another clue about the fact that the requierments for quality are a mistery even for them and matter of self opinion rather than clear prestabilited guidelines which must be followed by every reviewer.

Could you upload your videos somewhere and post the links here to see what you got ?

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While @romlam is right - it’s impossible to make recommendations without seeing the submissions, I am pretty sure that the initial review of a portfolio does not receive the same type of scrutiny/considerations as submitting an item for sale which will present different or further requirements

@MTzST out of interest what would these look like?

You are asking an ordinary author to give you specific quality guidelines , I mean exactly the thing that Envato’s review team doesn’t have until now , they who are professional reviewers.

Why not? The portfolio review it’s exactly for approving you for selling items.
Why would you approve me as an author if I will get rejected on almost everything I upload because quality reasons?

I was only asking because it’s something that has been discussed several times before, and which is a universal challenge across every and all marketplaces, because subjectivity is unavoidable. In most categories there will be some level of technical requirements that need to be met, but rarely are these the reasons that author are being rejected compared to design or execution.

Again, I was just curious to see if anyone had solutions because often (not aimed at you) people are very quick to criticise without being able to present solutions.

I agree with you. But none of as are paid to make quality guidelines.

Because it’s not the same. As per here - 'This portfolio should show your ability to meet the technical, quality, and integrity requirements for these item types and also be of subjects that are likely to be relevant to potential customers’

Having these skills doesn’t mean that a specific item that is created necessarily demonstrates or delivers this or necessarily meets the submission requirements, etc.

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Now our fellow villain612 can understand how things are standing.

But in my opinion that ability which will get your portfolio approved should get your items approved also. He uploaded the same items from the portfolio submission , for reviewing. That ability was presented in the same cases.

It’s also possible that the reviewer from the portfolio submission was very indulgent.

Probably portfolio and submitted item reviewed by different persons. And portfolio mainly showing your technical ability for making video. Not necessarily your videos in the portfolio will be interesting to buyers or there are already plenty similar videos. Its hard to tell without seen your work.