What if ?

I want to ask if it is possible for the Envato team to share with us reviewing process via video so they publish it on the Envato youtube channel so we can understand how the process going and we can be reviewers too why not and the main important thing that not all authors understanding English so good sometimes some authors are doing a good design but at the end getting rejection and as we all know Envato team is not letting us know why it gets rejected I wish Envato to understand that people working hard to get money for living spending time all the day to make something to sell please help authors as they helping you for selling products, and as they part of Envato success please never lose authors we all love Envato

this is just my opinion hope the Envato team reads.

Thank you

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Do you realize that recording and uploading video for each review is impossible?

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Creating idea for making a website to sell designs, mockup, themes, etc wasn’t impossible at the begining
it’s interesting for me and authors to understand process of reviewing and even it’s good idea for customers too because in this case Envato will show to customers how our reviewers checking everything from authors to get for you the most unique product which is making Envato different than other websites and in the same time this also will rank more high for Envato, seo, just imagine small adv from this on YouTube what can get for you customers more and more, I’ve seen many authors account since along time they have no updates which is means they already not working because of rejection without reason so lets just think about it
For Authors
1- he/she will understand how the process going
2- reviewer can give a general advice for authors
3- such kind of video will encourage more and more designers to involve in Envato Market
4- reviewer can share most common mistakes makes him or her rejected many products

For customers
1- customers at the moment 70% we can say they don’t to read they like to watch more.
2- not all people on this planet knows Envato so it’s good step for Envato to involve more by such kind of videos

long story it need for discussion

Beyond basics like failing to submit all the required files, I’m struggling to see how showing an author the process or causes for rejection would help?

e.g. If an author of a web theme sees the design or code of their demo is not up to the standard that is not going to help them to understand the technicalities of how to fix the problems.

As for ‘per item’ review videos - envato get well into the thousands of submissions a week, the majority of which are rejected to some degree. It’s not feasible for reviewers to be able to give any feedback on hard rejected items let alone video.

While it’s always good for people to bring new ideas to the marketplace, when it comes to approvals, nothing will ever replace respect for the marketplace and investment in time and personal development.

The process is actually very simple - There’s no complexity, conspiracy theories etc. - produce premium quality and original work and you have a good chance of approval.

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hi there would be much easier , this would be to clearly identify guidelines of what is good and what is not. Your solution is a very time consuming one - that may have interest , no doubt - but this is quite irrealistic as regard to how the way the system works and the staff in charge and so on. I also do not think that the goal is for the platform to have more designers being involved when there are plenty of them and that they do not manage to fully benefit of it, not to mention that for authors, having always more people basically means lower sales and money. Let’s also face it , there are a lot of people struggling to reach the standards nowadays and if attracting more people was the target I assume that this would mainly mean more beginners not managing to reach these standards. As for customers having additional values with these videos, I do not really understand how, sorry … if people are not reading this often because they do not have time and same goes for rating so that why they would find the required time to watch videos?

well for causes, I disagree with u on this one because if technical things would be of no help in my opinion, this is a different story when it comes to “design related” reasons for rejections. I mean I figure out that this is not a design school here and that some things should be taken for granted but lost of designs are accepted despite they violate basic design principles and some other tat are not are not making it for sale so that even experienced designers may fail to realize why some items are rejected …

I wonder how the review system Works. Because there are a couple of authors get all items approved while the design rules are against all odds . This we call quantity designers. N2n44, me made great original flyers and get hard rejections. So maybe its an idea for the reviewers to marks two squares why rejected. Typo or/and design. So that the author is change only the right square and NOT the whole design. I think that will Helps a lot to get the design approved.

feedbacks would take a lot of time but at least if there could be clues for the rejections , as u mentioned this would be not bad, it would take a little more time but with pre-made messages maybe the thing could be potentially done, but hard to tell , i assume it depends on the flow submissions … as for me had been advocating for long for a restriction of uploads for all people so that this is making it difficult for some people to play numbers and quantity , I believe that this would rather force them into putting more in what they do if there was such a “restriction” and this would solve a bit the problem of quantity of items to be reviewed , of course…

True Nico,
They got to minimum upload the quantity designers and gives us a clue if the rejection depends on the graphics or typo.
I think this big confusing problem will be solved a lot.