Help! My account is locked!


as a German citizen I am in Turkey for a few months.
I have just opend an account and wanted to buy a theme for my website. During the payment process with my German credit card I was asked for the “location”. I gave in “Germany”, because my adress is in Germany. Then I was locked out.

May be that I should have given in “Turkey”, because I am in Turkey
for a few more months. The answer from Envato to my request was very rude. They just wrote in the e-mail that they “will not be re-enabling my account”.

I read in this forum that it causes problems to use your credit card
in a foreign country for example during holidays.

But it is not right to be treated like a criminal, just because I wanted to make an online payment from Turkey with my German credit card!

Just two weeks ago I made an online payment to my hosting provider with the same credit card and from Turkey.

Alternatively I have made a payment to my Paypal acoount (E-Wallet).
So that I have the theoretical possibility to make the payment to Envato by PayPal E-Wallet.

Does anybody know if I have a chance to make the payment to Envato
from Turkey by PayPal E-Wallet?

To confirm my identity, I would accept sending a copy of my passport
to Envato.

It would be a great waste of time not to be able to continue working
on my website during my stay in Turkey.

Any kind of help is welcome.

Thank you in advance!


Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account. In forum we are not be able to assist you when the concern is Account related issue. So, please open a Help ticket and let them know all of your concern query. Support team will assist you. In the mean time You can see this detailed thread on what may be happening.