payment problem!

Even though I have my student e-mail approved for my student subscription, I keep getting this error in the payment section. It is very difficult to reach customer service about this, what should I do? :confused:



Get in touch with envato elements customer center they would like to assist you.


I know the information here, it doesn’t solve my problem yet?


The same problem, when trying to buy a subscription, the account was blocked

reply support
Thanks for writing in. My name is Nala from the Envato Customer Team.

I can see your account has been disabled so I will need to pass this on to another department who will be able to assist you further with your inquiry.

We appreciate your patience.

Kind Regards,

I need to speak to someone live urgently? Who will solve my problem?


Envato does not deal with the customer on time and causes them to be victims all the time! Losing envato because of the indifference of customer service! does not help in any matter fast and on time support team is very slow and uninterested! I need urgent help you can’t find a solution to my payment problem envato support team! :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

PayPal is invalid in Turkey. I’m trying with Visa! Customer service is not interested in instagram also everyone has written envato’s apathy complaining about it!

I’m aware of PayPal is not working in Turkiye( not Turkey )

I’m asking you to go through their system and choose "pay with credit card’ option if available without logging in to PayPal