Cant subscribe to Envato Elements

I am not able to subscribe to envato elements.
I have a debit card (Visa) which I am using to make payment.
Please Help

Please contact Elements Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to help.


Can you clarify me whether do we need Debit Card or Credit Card for the transaction or Both are accepted , Because in Payment Method there are only two options -Credit Card and -Paypal

Having the same issue, I tried Paypal, Credit card and debit card and none of them worked. Terrible

Yes bro, its really a terrible experience, keeping the payment issue aside, now I am having trouble with my account login. What if this issue comes when we have subscribed to Envato Elements. Our plan is for a month and they take upto 10 days to reply to our problems without even a guaranteed solution, that way I don’t thik there’s any use buying this subscription.

Its been 2 days I have submitted my ticket for this issue to support team, still no response for them.

Support can take about a week to respond due to the high number of tickets.

Thats what I am trying to say…Envato customer support should try every bit to reduce this response time, so that users should have a flexible experience even when they encounter such issue

They are doing every bit that they can. The excess in support tickets started after COVID, and the workplace is hindered for the same reason.

Upcoming changes for PayPal users.

Now they have replied with this…I dont know what to do with this, there’s no clear explanation to what caused the problem.

What should I do now?