Envato Elements Issue

Hi Everyone,

I am a subscriber to Envato Elements(Joined Elements when it was $19) and am still currently a member.

However, when I logged in the other day it showed I couldn’t download anything. It tells me I don’t have a subscription, however, on another page it says I have a subscription.

Envato took my money, and is offering me absolutely NO support. They will NOT answer my emails to support.

Please see these screenshots:

Any ideas on what to do to get in touch with an actual human?

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Still no answer for Envato. This is absolutely crazy. Can someone respond? How many tickets do I need to open? I currently have 3-4 open about this issue, and no one will respond.

Hi Brian,
They might take 1 or 2 business days to respond. But it can be longer if the tickets queue is long.

Yes, I understand that. It’s been over a week and a half now. I spoke to someone via email, and they just stop responding.

Oh I didn‘t know that. I‘m not sure what to do until they respond to your ticket

Hey @BrianSchnurr can you let me know the ticket number? I’d be more than happy to chase this up for you.

Alternatively if you flick me a direct message with your account details, I can look into this for you myself .