Error related to envato payment

I was going to pay for envato membership with my debit card, but I think there was not enough balance and therefore my attempt to envato was blocked, I get the error “were sorry” no matter which account I enter, I know that another friend of mine experienced it, and when he contacted the support team and paid with paypal, his account was blocked. There is no paypal payment here, but I can pay by credit card and I contacted customer service, but they did not respond to me, I would be glad if you could help me, I want to start a monthly subscription, I am a student.

Use PayPal payment option but without registering-in. You could still pay through PayPal by just entering your credit card numbers but if you ask my opinion, due to lack of “copyright” protection issues along with “chargeback” issues with banks, in Turkiye, your chances are too low to keep using it if you’re new user but good luck

Ok, but this question was solved, I sent a message to the support team, normally I sent a message to the support team. I want your team to look into the issue and I understand there are too many people having this problem.

There’s no Envato support team at the forum. We are all volunteers ( authors )

I understand, what can I do then, now I get an error almost every time I log in from which account, from which PC, from each account, as if someone has blocked me from IP, I wonder if this block will be removed with a process such as IP reset?

You need to solve the problem with the support, usually they respond within 3-5 working days.