Envato is block my account, so does the sub user.

Can anyone from envato help me. Tbh this happens before. such a headache and no help from envato.

This time, my existing company account got block, but mostly because payment wont go thru after multiple tries. Long story short, We made new account, and success buying an annual subscriptions.

The problem is, when I want to add the former members from the old account. Turns out, not only the main account got block, but also the member using are being blocked.

I have no words. This is such a disappointment. Why the members also got banned? Some of them using personal e-mail.

My suggestion is, Envato need to make a secondary login which the user can create for their members, or instead of that, just pun limit how many user can use one at a time based on subscription that are brought.

I’m tired. please fix this.

The reason is a security measurement which it fails but you created another account - system though it’s fake-account therefor you got blocked on the both accounts.

If you’re trying to access the website ( Elements, I suppose ) from different IP/country, it’s a risk factor and it may be disabled for a temporarily.

Contact Envato support.