My account was locked after payment

I have been an envato member for 3 years. Yesterday, I added the product to my cart to buy the product that I had been waiting for to be on sale for a long time. I entered my card information during the payment process, but it did not accept my current card. I tried the same card a few times. When it did not work again, I tried a different card this time. The payment was received, but then my account was blocked and my payment was refunded. After some research, I contacted support, but I did not receive a response today. In order not to miss the discount, I created another account and filled in the payment information on the order screen again. I made my payment without any errors, but after a few minutes, my account was blocked again and this time my payment was not refunded. and my account is still blocked now, I sent an e-mail, no response. My previous account and the account I just opened today are still blocked and my money has not been refunded, please I want a response as soon as possible.

Don’t create a new account and/or use the credit card. Due to security measurements, specifically from Turkiye, prevent charge-back issues, the system is getting involved automatically.

If the second account is also locked, it’s probably refunded but it may take a while to get the money back to your account. Apart from that, you’re gonna miss the “discount” but to get your account back, you will need to contact ( seems, you have done it already ) You will also need to wait their response, usually 1-3 working days, you’re probably not gonna get a rapid reply but you need to wait.

If you manage to get your account back, use WISE/Payoneer or similar services ( online credit card ) for purchase. As the same reason I mentioned earlier, purchasing from Turkiye with a Turkish credit card may not be possible or you may have the same issue again.


First of all, thank you for taking the time and interest. I made my first purchase 3 years ago, I did not experience any problems, why am I experiencing something like this now? Yesterday, I first tried to shop with my prepaid card, but it did not work, then I paid with my credit card, and my account was blocked after the payment. Today, I made a payment with a debit card of a different bank. There was no problem for the first 10 minutes, but my account was banned again. What is the reason for this? Why is there such a procedure for Turkey? Can you send me a link to a content or article that includes this procedure? Where can I get more detailed information about these issues? Please excuse me. This is the first time I have encountered such a situation. Thank you very much in advance. I’m glad to have you. I feel very happy to contact someone. relieved

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I read all the threads, thank you for your help. Support still hasn’t responded. You said something in some of your articles about accounts not being opened and refunds not being made. Are these still valid? Because this is not fair at all. Why doesn’t Envato give any information when payment is received? Why does Envato lock it after payment? This is literally a fraud. I hope the problem will be resolved positively. How should we Turks shop here? I didn’t see any information in the titles you posted.

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It’s because of the “fake” stolen credit card issues along with the banks perform charge-backs without contacting Envato first.

You have been locked after due to attempt couple of times as well as creating a new account and using the same card triggered the system once again. There’ll be no official information/explanation as it’s a company policy, they don’t have to explain to you but I’m well aware of the problem that sadly but some Turks purchases the item and after either they claims the card is stolen or they call the bank and canceled the purchase. I used to have issues with charge-backs as well along with few other countries

I’m not sure if Envato still offers “credit/wallet” system but you can actually white-list your credit card. Just wait for the support to contact you and avoid creating new accounts.

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Thank you for your effort, I will make sure to do what you say. I hope you have a good day, take care of yourself.