My account is locked mistakenly.

I was going to purchase a script from codecanyon. In checkout page I entered my credit card details to the payment section. But it wasn’t succeed in multiple times (2/3 times). Then my account got blocked. I really don’t know why this was happened. If I broke any rule from the terms, I’m really sorry I didn’t know that. I want my account back. It’s very important. Please help me to do that.

(My account was: Signed in Google).
Advanced thanks.


Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account. Please Get in touch with Envato Market Support ASAP via this link

In the ‘Tell us more’ dropdown select:
‘My account is locked’


I did that yesterday. But they replied me like that:

Sorry! in this case in forum no one will be able to help you. Only envato support is the right team to handle this.

Did they unblocked any user’s account before? I mean to say, If I’ll request them again, Is there any chance to unblock?

Maybe there was a risk associated with you or your Envato account or that payment (your credit card). Has anyone used that card before in Envato and misused that card? It’s always better to create an account through the signup process instead of Signing in through Google. If Envato finds any risk in your account/payment then Envato will never enable/active your account.

It’s usually charge-back issues within certain country or black-listed credit card/IP address.

no, they stated even it’s a new account, it will be blocked.