My Account is "Locked Out". Suggestions?

After repeated attempts at signups, I have consistently received an error message that my account is “Locked Out” (never even got in). I can sign in here, but not to purchase at CodeCanyon, etc. Its very odd and I dont know if it is something that I have done or something systemic. Very frustrating. Any suggestions?

Contact Envato Support :

Thanks Muse, I’ve already done that - a few times. I am getting the auto responder and a message saying, effectively, it’s been forwarded. Frustrating.

@scottwills @KingDog can you check that once. ?

they will check it once when they are back (tomorrow morning). :smile:

I guess what I am asking is…why does an account get locked out? Maybe I can make my own adjustment.

I have tried creating separate, new, accounts, clearing cache, clearing cookies and even approaching via VPN.

This is my first exposure to Envato, what a weird disappointment. Moreover, why can’t I just buy a peice of code as a Guest user?

Sounds strange, but the Help Team will be able to investigate for you. They’re hard at work on their tickets, so hopefully they’ll be able to get to yours soon :slight_smile:

Just a follow up for anyone in this situation. Dont hold your breath waiting for Envato support, not if your anxious to work on your project. I was finally able to make my purchase by wiping all cookies and cache and trying another VPN in with a new bogus email account.

Then, once Envato finally decides to let your normal account back in, you will need to send your code-author your purchase code so that he can verify. Good luck.

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They are never going to unlock your account. I have been facing the same harassment for the last 3 weeks. All i get is the same auto respond and a mail stating it has been forwarded. Better look for themes someplace else. Some place that actually has some respect and integrity. use google, there are many who sell themes, envato isn’t the only one.

Hi All,

I had the same issue today. After i made the payment, confirm my email. I simply received the locked out message. Really frustrating

I submitted a ticket, they said they will come back in 4 days?

Anyone can help me

I’m having the same trouble since yesterday. Cab think of absolutely no reason to be locked out. I submitted the trouble ticket as suggested… And no response. Is envato hacked? Themeforest hacked? Makes no sense.

Just curious if your issue ever got resolved? I just tried signing up and got the exact same problem you did. I’ve submitted a ticket, but many forum responses make it sound like I could have a very long wait ahead.

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this has just happened to me as well. looks like it’s extremely common, have any of you received response on why it even happened?

I just got locked out as well. It was a new account I created yesterday (and successfully made one purchase), but today after spending hours trying to find the right products for my time-sensitive project, I went to purchase a bunch of products and after I put in my credit card information, my account was locked. I submitted a ticket and sent a tweet to @envato_help but 45 minutes later, no reply. Does anyone know whether the help desk is staffed on a Saturday? Thanks in advance for any suggestions or information.


Problem solved by Tracy.

The same issue here. Hope Tracy will help me as well. I’m in a hurry with production of ads, delays are costing us money.

Saso from GoOpti

Hi All,

I also experienced the same thing, that the account is locked when I will make a deposit, I’ve sent an email and will be forwarded to the next staff.

Is my account will be accepted or not?

Interesting. We had exactly the same issue- being locked out for no reason after they took our money for our initial purchase. Chris Z got back to me after 2 days via email, stating

"Hi Diemarketingminute,

Regrettably, after further investigation, we’re using our discretion and will not be re-enabling your account.


Envato Market Help Team"

Ehmm… really?? How can this be? No reason given? Just take our money and lock us out? Feels like stealing to me…

Anyone had a similar reply? Does anyone know why they lock accounts in the first place?




Having the exact same issue here and exact same copy and paste email saying they won’t re-enable my account for no reason given, so why was the account locked in the first place when you can’t even give us any reasons when we ask?

Seems like Envato are just a bunch of shady people willing to take peoples money, especially when you block them for at any little thing (which we don’t know what that thing is) and preventing years old customers from even accessing their rightfully paid content?

Maybe someone should start a real web market place instead of this sham.

Hi had the same problem.

Their response: “Regrettably, after further investigation, we’re using our discretion and will not be re-enabling your account.”

The must hire the best investigators in the world, because they did not asked me for any supporting documentation and they unilaterally decided to not re-enable my account. This is really frustrating.

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Hello, I have the same issue today I have deposited $70 and after depositing when i try to purchase some scripts my account was locked I have a very old account working fine till today but when i deposit money in my account first time the account get locked. Can you please activate my account so that i can buy my scripts and after that i will never deposit money into my account as this is a big lesson for me. My account username is “amit2531” hope someone from support can take a look because I didn’t get a reply till now from your support.

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