Cannot lo into CodeCanyon account, just refrshes page is all that happens

I try to log into my CodeCanyon account.
I use my username and password correctly.

The page refreshes and just goes to Log In again.

Any ideas?

You may want to try logging in at the account page here -

It seems whenever I have login issues this page will get them sorted.


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I went and it shows I am logged in, howevere, when I go to CodeCanyon the page shows me as NOT logged in and it just keeps refreshing when I try to log in.

That sounds like what was happening to me. Try clicking on the CodeCanyon link on and see what happens. For some reason that worked for me yesterday.

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It says I am locked out of my account… which is kind of funny, I have purchased 1 item from Envato and this is my 3rd login ever…

So now I have to wait for them to unlock my account because… welp, according to their email, that could take up to 7 days…

This is horrible, aren’t businesses supposed to cater to customers?

Since when do customers have to cater to businesses?

Yikes! Can you send me your ticket number and I’ll see if I can speed up the response.


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Your ticket is marked Urgent so that hopefully will get it answered quicker.


I just don’t understand the “secrecy” of locking customer accounts.

Thank you for the help, this is like being told a gas station will call you when it feels like letting you buy gas from them.

You should show this to the owner of the company…

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Still have a locked account. I even emailed the programmer of the script I want to buy and, this is no joke, his reply was in exact words

“Yea, they’re idiots”.

So I am STILL locked out of my account because some kid somewhere doesn’t feel like putting a game down and doing his job. At what point do you people think that a customer deserves attention?

I sent the money for the script in PayPal via personal email between the seller and myself.

The coder accepted payment.

I now have my script and Envato has no pennies from the sale.

Sorry Envato, better luck ripping off other customers instead.