About accout is blocked issued and payment pending

When I bought the script in code canyon after the checkout from card . It said the account is blocked. I tried it from 3 or more different accounts and after my payment I got this image:

I want to find out which one of the email has got this payment. I couldn’t open the account saying Your account is blocked.
Is Envato frauding me or what?

Accounts get locked as security measure. Please read this article. You will find there explained how to get in touch with support team.

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Why is this happening ?
I have contacted the support team but no response why???

Please keep patience they will reply you soon (after weekend).

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Envato Support does not provide a specific explanation as to why it locks accounts. According to “Clause 55” in this link (Envato Market Terms | ThemeForest), it states that “the account has been locked and will not be opened again”. Many users say that their accounts were closed due to “Clause 55”.

When your account is locked, you cannot access the Themes you previously purchased as a “lifetime” license. Envato closes the account even if no illegal transactions are made in the account. Envato is losing credibility in my eyes. It seems like Envato will lose many customers if it does not reopen the user accounts it closed.

You said that accounts can be locked for security measures. However, Envato locks the account during payment without explaining any reason. Contacting the Envato Support team does not solve any problems. Envato Support provides standard copy/paste answers. We are looking for another solution in this Forum. But we cannot find another solution. If Envato continues to do this, it will lose many customers.

Envato support team mentioned clause 55 which means something listed there is why they decided to lock your account and after you contacted them they rechecked and decided it should stay so. Their replies have to follow certain procedures and there’s a reason for that. They can not also get into further discussions on that beyond what is necessary to say to inform you.
I can understand how you feel but there is nothing forum members can suggest here that will help unlock your account. Once you receive a reply from the support team that the account stays locked, then that’s final.