Authorities locked my account as soon as I made a purchase.

I bought a package by creating an account yesterday and immediately after my purchase, I came across the message Your account has been locked. I contacted the authorities but they stated that they will not unlock my account. I made a payment and in no way could I download what I purchased. My payment should be refunded, I mentioned this to the authorities, but I can’t get a response. I can’t make transactions with the return option because my account is locked. What can I do? can you help me with this? I feel cheated. There are also bank documents regarding my payment.

Your account is blocked automatically and you should be getting the refund within few days ( may take up to 7-10 working days )

If you don’t hear anything by that time, contact Envato support for the refund.

If you were locked out immediately after making a purchase, then it was automatically refunded. It can just take some time to processing back to your payment method. If you don’t see the refund amount within a week or so, contact your payment provider or follow up with your Envato support ticket.

what about credit card? as soon i purchase in the marketplace using credit card envato locked my account and charged to my credit card. how am I supposed to get a refund?

If the account is locked already, the refund process probably started. It may take 10-12 working days to get the amount back to your credit card/account.