Purchased theme, Account Locked Out, No refund

I made a purchase with primary account, right after payment done, my account was locked out. I tried with my second account, and same thing happened.

I have check with my credit card bank, and both purchases have been charged.
Already submit ticket to Envato, and customer service replied that I am not eligible to Envato services, and refund will be made.

After days, no one else reply, account still locked and can not check the status.
No proof of refund what so ever.

What is this ? SCAM ?

I had to signup a new account, just to write in this forum, since both of my other accounts is still locked out. This is a little confused and ridiculous.

Usually refund approval takes around five business days and then further depends on payment processing provider.

Creating a new account and using the same credit card won’t be helping you as every attempt would be considered as safety issue and you may even get locked out just right after registration.

Contact Envato support without creating another new account and wait for the respond. About the refund, the process has already started and it may take a while, up to 10-15 working days and some cases longer depending on your bank.