Locked Account

Hello everyone,

I have been a member of envato for a long time and one day, after logging in as usual, I see the following message:

“Sorry, it looks like your account is currently locked. Please contact Envato Support for more details.”

I send e-mails but no one responds

Your ticket number is 3424698.

The Envato support team will reply once they get to your ticket. You didn’t mention exactly when that happened nor when you sent an email, but as there were days off for Christmas and now is the weekend and then New Year, there could be some delay in their response. Opening new tickets will only send the previous ticket back so you wait longer. Here you will get information about why they lock accounts as well as how to submit a request so your ticket is prioritized.

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I had a purchase refund and it was refunded, but my account was closed, can’t I buy another theme again?

They lock accounts for security reasons like if the payment method doesn’t match the country or if the account breached in some other way terms of service. If you followed the procedure which is explained in that article, they will check what triggered their system to lock your account and you will be notified if your account will stay locked or not. To purchase another theme from that account isn’t possible until you get access. You could try to create a new account to purchase another theme, but there is no guarantee it won’t happen again.

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